From A Static Lullaby to Elevate: I Am

From A Static Lullaby to Elevate: I Am

Elevate: I Am is a new project featuring Joe Brown of A Static Lullaby and members from Lorene Drive and Lower Definition.  The band has been playing a few local shows in Southern California and will be unleashing their debut album entitled The Ghost Eclipse Sessions on June 7th.  We recently spoke with Joe Brown about his new project, his very own label ALF Records, some of the songs and lyrics slated to be on the E:I AM album, as well as news on the current happenings of A Static Lullaby.  Read on…

At what point did you decide you wanted to form a band with various members of Lorene Drive and did A Static Lullaby ever tour with them?
After coming to the conclusion that E:I AM was going to be performing live & making a record… John and I went in search of a drummer first…  John had played in Lorene Drive for a brief period in the later stages of the band and suggested Kris Comeaux… Lorene Drive had been a band I grew to respect over the years and I loved their records. I played with Lorene Drive a few times over the years w/ ASL and always remember Kris being a extremely solid drummer with much creative taste. After just rehearsing one time it felt like we had been playing together for years.

Is there any story behind the band name Elevate: I Am?
E: I AM was a project John had put together shortly after the passing of his little Brother Chris. I believe John wanted to capture the idea of a soul going to be with a Higher Being… Elevate ( spirit/soul) I Am (God / Higher Being)… “I Am” is used through out the Christian Bible in reference to God/The Holy Spirit.

For fans of ASL and Lorene Drive, how would you say the music in Elevate: I Am compares to your other bands?
I can hear similarities because of my scream in a vocal sense… We use the clean vocal & dirty vocal in a similar way like ASL… The song writing is very mature in many ways like ASL/Lorene Drive… Elevate is a hybrid of the 2… so you will be able to find comparisons… E: I AM has set itself apart but the integral parts that we built our other bands off of remain true within us…

Where did you get the ideas for some of the new songs you are recording? Please cite two songs in particular and what inspired the lyrics.
More Ironic than Alanis was written during a period time I was hospitalized for some chemical dependencies issues –

More Ironic Than Alanis
If I took some time to think about the hydra in me
A nine headed monster for those who aren’t Greek
I’d see one staring not liking what he sees
The other 8 trying to drop the guillotine
But 9 survive and still One needs them to feed
So he pretends not to see the famine the others bring
Will love decapitate this beast and send him to the deep
I still can’t believe
The organ man got bit by his monkey again
The charmer feels a little poison in his hand
And if the whale jumps one more ring again
Someone just might lose their head
A puppeteer hung by Pinocchio’s thread
A holy man of the front page full of sin
And if the Philly goes around the track again
The jockeys play horse shoes in the sand
And so I write poetic tragedies
How do you swallow love without an active tongue
It’s just a contradicting melody
I’ve never had the voice but I can hear the song
Well I’ve heard there’s a Hale-Bopp coming for me
So grab your white kicks and some punch to drink
We gather bonded by a belief in higher being that will set us free
I believe the cults in me
They cant prescribe me
There’s no denying me
I’ve been up in the stars searching for heavens gate
What the fuck has my ego done?
I play numb the perfect camouflage
I’m torn
I’m your ACL
So torn
Because love is hell
I’m torn
I can’t wait for signs
So Torn
Because love takes time
I live the dream
I live in dreams

The Descent was written while I was going through a less than pleasant Custody Case over my Daughter; reflecting over my childhood & the hope of making my daughters life as beautiful as she is to me…  I always struggled with living in my own skin and my wish that my daughter doesn’t endure the same issues.

The Descent
Oh god, oh god, oh god
It’s you I see
I’m staring at you right?
the placenta I’ve seen
Is this a breathing being?
Is it a breathing being?
Oh, that¹s a baby you see
Well, that’s my baby I see
I’ve said that the womb would never see my seed
But karma has a name its Viviana Sophie
And will she be the Daddies Girl that I wish her to be?
No Son, a southern judge with a mallet pulls the strings
I watch this rip at the seams
Blood is forever…
And if its money she needs…
I’m paying it tithe
God bless this beast…
Praying she doesn’t have this side of me…
Never have liked
reflective springs…
But Vivi, I pray alone…
Spare the child
leave me plagued all alone…
Prologue and now you’ll find
it’s me the curse…
Baby girl I’ll die before I see you grow old enough to find
The curse that Daddy left behind…
I watched my mother OD
my first memory
This starts and ends with me
This happened 3 times before
I held her lifeless thinking I wasn’t worth living for
The Bottle is so tempting I forget to feed
This starts and ends with me
This starts and ends with me

How are the recording sessions going with Steve Evetts and what do you think makes your collaborations with him so successful?
Steve understands me after 10 years… He is one of my dearest friends and brings out everything i want to portray on record…  Steve brings out organic sounds and strays away from the “Over Produced” “808 driven” “Sampled” records of today. It was important for me to deliver a good product coming out the gate and I trusted no one but Steve to deliver.

How did your first show at Soma go and how nerve wracking to premiere a new band?
I was nervous , way nervous … I was happy to get it over with… We needed to “Pop the Cherry”… It popped … and now we are playing a lot better!

What made you decide to form ALF Records and will you be signing additional bands to your label? If so, what are you looking for when signing bands?
A Lullaby Factory came with the formation E: I AM… I figured, If I believe in my music and I believe in myself why should I rely on someone else to make it successful? The only expectations I have to deal with are mine! I will sign Bands and I am currently looking for a Band to release after we put out the next ASL Record. I can tell you what I am “not” looking for on my first release … “Breakdown, Breakdown, Breakdown, Techno, Breakdown, Pink Gaff Tape, Breakdown, Hair, Breakdown, Breakdown, Green Gaff tape, Techno , Auto Tune, Breakdown” – Maybe for number 2 but we will see.

What is the current status of A Static Lullaby and will there be a new album in 2011?
ASL is writing and playing a few shows… We will make an album this year.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the former ASL members such as Brett, Nate, or Phil?
No, to Nate & Phill —– But Brett Dinovo is playing drums with us again!

Would A Static Lullaby and Elevate: I Am ever want to tour together?
I am pulling double duty on March 26th (2 sets, one night) but I’d like to keep it seperate as much as I can.

Any upcoming shows for Elevate: I Am or ASL in the Los Angeles / OC area?
Yeh, ASL & E:IAM will be playing a few times over the next few months. Check in at

Any messages for long time ASL fans?
I cannot thank you enough for the support over the past 10 years, I promise to keep releasing music with ur best interests in mind! Keep checking to find out about our upcoming release!

Elevate: I Am is Joe Brown – Vocals / Lyrics, John Martinez – Vocals / Guitar. Kris Comeaux – Drums, Matt Faulkner – Bass, and Brett Glazier – Guitar.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Elevate: I Am on Facebook
A Static Lullaby on Facebook

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