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Based out of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California, Embrace The Legend is a hardcore / metalcore band ready to take it to the top.  A positive atttitude and a drive for change is what this young collective is all about – as well as an idea for unity within the local SFV music scene.  Unsigned for now (but don’t expect that status to last for too much longer), Embrace The Legend is scheduled to open for The World We Knew at the Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park on August 23rd.  Always looking for good up and coming bands to write about who strive to make a difference with their music and within their local scene, Embrace The Legend was the perfect candidate for an interview with Highwire Daze.  So let’s kick this into high gear and get to know this resourceful new bands starting now…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Embrace The Legend, and how long the band has been together.
We are currently band of 4 – Jeffrey is the vocalist, Joey is the bassist, Zach is the lead guitarist and Chris is our drummer. The band has been together since mid February.

What do you think of the local Los Angeles music scene and how does Embrace The Legend fit into the scheme of things?
We think that there’s more of a hardcore scene in Los Angeles.  Well, we are metal and hardcore, so we kind of fit in it.

Describe your music to an elderly relative who is contemplating going to one of your shows.
We are metalcore and hardcore.  We need your support, so come out and watch us…

Is there any story behind the band name Embrace The Legend?
Yes, well I thought about it (Jeff and Chris); well Legends are looked at for all these great things they have done for people and such, and we just want people to be like legends – have good morals and stand strong as them.

Tell me about the song Unite and Conquer and what inspired you to write the lyrics.
Unite and Conquer is basically about how the world is corrupted and in order for us to make a change we need to unite together as one. What inspired me to write the lyrics was I watched the news and how everyday people in different places have bad surroundings.

What inspired the lyrics of some of your other songs?
My family, nieces and nephews, and just things in life that happen.

Your first show was at California Metalfest 4? How did that come about and how did the show go?
Well we were on the “Road to California Metalfest” not the official show. Although it was pretty nervous at first, but it got better during the show.

Who are some of the other bigger bands you have opened for and what was the experience like?
We opened up for Deception of A Ghost (Bullettooth Records) and our friends in A Past Unknown – they were really amazing.

How close are you guys to making new recordings?’
We’re going to go on this coming Sunday actually.

What could one expect from a live Embrace The Legend show?
A lot of energy and positive vibes.

What other bands were you guys in prior to Embrace The Legend?
This is our first band our bassist is in another band called Outspoken.

Who or what is your favorite Legend?
Zach (Paul Gilbert), Chris (Daniel Williams), Joey (Jay James from Bullet), Jeff (Winston Mccall)

What becomes a legend least?
Zach (rap), Chris (bad morals), Joey (hatred), Jeff (hatred)

Do you have any messages for people reading this now who might want to check your band out?
Come to our shows and get kicked in the face! 😀

(Interview and Cobalt Cafe photos by Kenneth Morton)

Embrace The Legend on Myspace


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