Boston, MA’s Energy is back with a three-song EP that will shatter everything you thought you knew about the band. Incredibly melodic with haunting keyboards, catchy choruses, soaring vocals and intricate guitar work, the Walk Into The Fire EP is one of the most interesting 7inches of the year. Energy vocalist Jason Tankerley said, “We are more confident in the three songs on this EP than we’ve ever been with any Energy release in the past. The song ‘Walk Into The Fire’ is a continuation of where we’ve been heading all along really, while ‘Let’s Get Away’ is possibly our most upbeat song to date. The final track ‘Angels At My Grave’ clocks in at 5 and a half minutes and is without a doubt our most interesting song – a great way to close out the EP.” Fans were recently formally introduced to Energy’s new musical direction on the Bridge Nine 2010 Sampler, where the EP title track was first featured, that was handed out all along the Vans Warped Tour this past summer. If you haven’t had a chance to check out and download the sampler, you can still do so at You can also check out “Walk Into The Fire” streaming on the band’s MySpace page now at

Since the release of their Bridge Nine debut, Invasions of the Mind, in the Fall of 2008, Energy has toured the country with bands like H2O, Strike Anywhere and Comeback Kid and in the process, managed to hone their sound and fully realize the direction in which they wanted to take the band. Energy’s past material sounded more like 90’s AFI, late Ignite, Dag Nasty and Bad Religion, while their new sound showcases the band’s diverse musical tastes and maturity while staying just as powerful as ever. Walk Into The Fire was recorded in late summer 2010 by the band themselves in order to keep complete creative control over the release. Tankerley commented, “This time around, we recorded, mixed, and mastered everything ourselves with the help of our good friends Greg Thompson and Robert Cheeseman, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Not only do we feel this is our best material, but we think it’s the best SOUNDING recording we’ve ever had.” Once again Energy has stunning artwork done by Bill Hauser – cover artwork is attached. Stay tuned to for pre-order information and upcoming show info for Energy.

The Walk Into The Fire EP will be available on 7inch and digital release via Bridge Nine Records on October 26, 2010 and the track listing is as follows:
1. Walk Into The Fire
2. Let’s Get Away
3. Angels At My Grave


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