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EnterpriseEarth1Within the Realm of Enterprise Earth

Enterprise Earth made their way to Southern California on tour with Traitors, landing at White Oak Music & Arts in the sleepy San Fernando Valley.  Playing an explosive set of deathcore and metal culled from their recent Sick Sick Recordings magnum opus entitled Patient 0, Enterprise Earth enraptured all who ventured out to witness the stunning auditory adventure.  We caught up with the three of the crew members of Enterprise Earth to discuss the exhilarating new album, signing to Stay Sick Recordings, the current tour, and other cosmic topics of intrigue.  Read on…

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Enterprise Earth.
BJ: BJ Sampson, I play guitar.
Dan: Dan Watson, I’m the vocalist.
Gordon: Gordon McPherson, bass.

How has this tour been going so far, what have been some of the highlights?
BJ: I think we’re four days in, right? We started in my hometown, Spokane Washington. That was a great turnout and a very good reaction from the crowd. Then every single night since then has been the same, lots of kids coming out, moshing, throwing down pretty hard. I’m having fun, [laughs].

What is your music scene like in Spokane Washington?
BJ: It’s strong. The kids out there have this little community that they’ve built for themselves, they call it Monumental Music. They come out and support each other. It’s almost like a family setting. It’s strong. It’s probably one of the strongest that I’ve seen across the country, to be honest.

How did you guys end up on Stay Sick?
BJ: We were approached by Mike Milford, just to scope it out and see what we were all about. As we were currently on We Are Triumphant at the time. We released the EP 23 with those guys, so we were looking to not do that again. So we were chit chatting about options, so as far as how we got on that, it just kind of fell into our laps. Good friends, good people. Good music. That’s pretty much it, then the rest is history.

11889651_1639120843027053_4372701281587668587_nYour album for Stay Sick is called Patient Zero. Is there any story behind that?
Dan: There is, and it gets really deep and if you come from an outside perspective and I feel like if you don’t have my kind of explanation and backstory for it, then it just sounds like some crazy ass dude with mental problems wrote all the lyrics. But, I’ve written an explanation that details the backstory, just goes to explain how the lyrics developed and came about and what the meaning is about it. I can’t really just say that the lyrics mean like, yeah, hate the world or we have this back – this main, focus on the lyrics. It’s just more personal for me, and then I get to paint my ideas across this canvas. It’s kind of deeper than just “we’re pissed.”

Select two songs, what inspired the lyrics for you?
Dan: “Hollow Face,” that’s one of my favorite songs I think. That song, for me, just – I don’t know. In my life, personally, I feel like there’s always been an outside influence for me, temptation, basically emotional feelings and responses that have pushed me and have influenced me outside of where I myself can not control myself. So “Hollow Face” meant that there was more beneath the surface. There’s more to this world than what we can see for ourselves and what our eyes can see and what we can hear with our ears.

Shallow Breath” is also one of my favorites, lyrically too because I’ve had experiences in the past where I’ve looked at houses that have been, I guess some would say are haunted. Some would just call me a schizophrenic. That’s where that song came from. The lyrics, to me, mean also that influenced from a dimension that we cannot see. That would sum up the whole album, but it gets a little crazier than that too.

Who produced the album and what was it like working with them?
BJ: I did that. We self-produced the album, so we did all the instrumentations in my studio and we did the vocals in my friend’s studio in my hometown at Amplified Wax. We tracked them there, took them back to the house and further mixed and processed there. Sent that off as a whole to our good friend Steven Hocks out of Portland to master it. That made it a lot easier, because we had full productive creative control over the album. So if we were constructing the song and we hear something, we’re able to add it or subtract it immediately. We didn’t have to do it over the phone, hey at this point, let’s take that out or add this. So it was really nice, actually, to be able to have full creative control.

That’s not stressful?
BJ: Oh it’s super stressful. Yea, because it’s yours. The pressure was on, because not only do we have to make the music sound cool but we have to make the production worthy enough to where people don’t discount it straight away. I tried pretty hard to get it as good as I could being a guy recording it himself.

EnterpriseEarth2What could one expect from your live show tonight?
Gordon: Heavy metal. Fast guitar licks. Good breakdowns, just a little bit of everything. If you like hardcore, there’s stuff in there. If you like just metal, you’re good. If you like death metal, it’s pretty sweet. It’s pretty groovy. There’s a little bit for everything and that’s a great thing. You can be that kid who just wants to headbang, moshpit or hardcore dance. You’re going to have a good time.

If you guys could open for any band either now or the past, who and why?
Gordon: It’d be really cool to open up for The Doors. Just because the style of music they played and the era that they were in, it was so different. Vibrant, psychedelic and fun but still the drive was there and just the attention – people were stoked and had fun. The 60s.

I can only imagine.
Gordon: Everybody would be like, what the hell is going on?
Dan: I guess I would say whatever is popping right now. To be honest, there’s always been bands I’ve always wanted to tour with when i was younger or open for, or even had the opportunity to meet and never had been able to. Now, I’m at the point where I just want to open and play with people who love to play music and give us an opportunity to get our music in different crowds. To me, it doesn’t matter.
BJ: Mine is easy, Misery Signals. I’ve always had a long time respect for that band. Best live band I’ve ever seen, great dudes and that would just be a bucket list for me. 100%.

Here’s a stupid question, if your music was a donut, what kind would it be and why?
BJ: I’m a cream filled guy, [laughs]. Because on the outside you just see a chocolate glazed donut but there’s a surprise on the inside, in your mouth. [laughs]
Dan: I don’t think I can top that, that’s a pretty good donut.
Gordon: Nailed it.

What’s up next for you guys?
BJ: Keep grinding. Keep working, we’re always writing. Keep touring and getting out to the fans, stapling ourselves out there. I think that’s pretty much all you can do. That’s our plan.

(Review and Photos by Ken Morton)

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