The Fiery Sounds of Entice

Entice is a hard working rock and roll collective from the Los Angeles area who have just released a scorching disc of infectious tunes entitled Let The Fire Come.  The band has accomplished quite a bit in the few years they’ve been together, including a tour to Japan and Korea as well as an appearance at a New Years Eve festival that was headlined by the world famous Blondie.  We recently sent inquiries to vocalist Isaac Leland to find out more about this promising up and coming band…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Entice, and how long the band has been together.
I am the singer-songwriter, pianist, and occasional rhythm guitarist of the band Entice and I started the band about 3 years ago after I graduated high school.

What is your opinion of the Orange County music scene, and how does Entice fit into the scheme of things?
The OC music scene is a hard area to crack for an indie artist. The kids definitely know what a popular band is supposed to look like and sound like. So if your band shows up wearing board shorts and you forgot to practice this week, I can guarantee no one is going to come back to see you again. Plus OC Kids will not show up to your show just because they saw a flyer. You have to drag them away from their Xbox by personally making contact and inviting as many people as you can. Over the years Entice has developed a few strategies that seem to be getting people to our shows but we only get what we put into it.

Is there any story behind the CD title Let The Fire Come?
My adventures with Entice have been an amazing leaning experience. When I started the band, all I had was a few annoying songs and a crazy, ignorant, mildly delusional plan of how to tackle the world. What it took for me and Entice to start moving forward in this industry was to learn from my many mistakes and start over. This complete change took about 1 1/2 years to complete and it ended with all new band members, new management, new image, and an album title describing the restoration process. I had to change everything and to do that I had to lose everything and everyone involved. I saw that ultimately I was going to get nowhere with my dream and it felt like it was slowly burning away.  So I Let The Fire Come.

Where do you get the ideas for some of your lyrics? Please cite two songs and what they are about.
My lyrics start with the mood of the song. If the music makes me feel sad you get sad lyrics. If the music makes me feel angry you get angry lyrics. For example the song Take A Number is a very fast paced rock song that made me feel like I was captured by some crazy dictatorship. So naturally I made the song about breaking away and revolting against future government take over 🙂 Also occasionally the mood of a song I am writing happens to match perfectly with something thats going on in my life and it becomes more about me. Like the song The Watchman. I was going through some hard times “Let The Fire Come” and I kept reminding myself that God or “The Watchman” would help me stay on path. So the song became about using God to help you get through the tough times.

What did producer Scott Silletta contribute to the overall recording process?
He has a amazing affordable studio called Orange Crush studio, and he is an accomplished musician so he knows how to make you sound exactly what you want to sound like. And he knows exactly how to make a song go from ok to awesome.

I believe the last show I saw of yours was a New Years Eve Orange Ball show. What was the experience like playing there and did you get to meet any of the 80’s bands that performed?
That night was all about the 80’s ! It was tons of fun playing because we had people from ages 15 – 45 out there enjoying the same music. You can thank Blondie for that.

What is a live Entice show like for those who have yet to see you play?
We like to make our set have a kind of roller coaster motion. One minute your dancing cause your feet wont quit moving and another minute you’ve got your lighter out and your girlfriend has her arms latched around you.

Tell me a little about the 98.7 Rockstar competition that you won. When entering, did you have any idea you’d make it all the way to the top?
The 98.7 competition was one of the most exciting things I have ever done. At the same time if we would have lost I would have a very different opinion. But we won and I love everyone! We were very confident that we would go far and we knew we had a great chance of winning but we were all still very scared something might go wrong. Lets face it –  anyone dealing with a 1 out of 5 chance of winning basically $15,000 and a bunch of other prizes is going to be super nervous. It’s safe to say we were confidently freaking out.

Who are some of the bigger bands you have opened for in the past?
The biggest bands would have to be One Republic, and The 88.

Have you done any touring outside of LA and OC? If so, what was that experience like?
We have toured through almost every state and internationally to Japan and Korea.
It is probably the best thing being in a band has to offer. Being able to see the world doing what you love is an opportunity not too many can relate to. At the same time it can be very, very tiring and a ton of work, but what adventure isn’t.

What are the future plans for Entice?
Tour, tour, tour….write/record… tour, tour, tour

Do you have any messages for fans or people who are reading this who might be into checking Entice out?
To the fans: Ive never had a stalker and that is very insulting. 😉
To the people who might check us out: Finding new music that you learn to love is an amazing experience. Why not see if the shoe fits.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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