Erimha: Unleashing Black Metal at Mayhem Fest

Erimha070514Erimha spent the summer on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, unleashing their own diabolical brand of Black Metal to the headbanging masses all across the country.  Their current release Reign Through Immortality is available through Victory Records – and while one wouldn’t normally associated Victory with Black Metal – the collaboration appears to be working for both band and label tenfold.  We caught up with guitarist Kthien right after their explosive set at Mayhem in San Bernardino to find out more about the mystical entity named Erimha.  Read on…

erimhajl6Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in the band. What are you looking forward to the most about Mayhem this year?
I’m Kthien from Erimha and what we’re looking for the most is the whole experience. The whole crew has been very amazing to all the bands. It doesn’t matter if it’s a guy at a gate, somebody taking care of catering, a security guard – everybody has just been amazing. I don’t know how many thousand people are there and everybody is just screaming for bands. You don’t get that anywhere else, you know?Everybody is having a great time.

Where are you based out of and what’s your metal scene like there?
We’re from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the metal scene over there is great. It’s working really good. We have Heavy Montreal, which is a huge festival now, that happens every year. There’s so many promoters, so many shows.  When you’re an underground band and you’re trying to make it you could be playing on a night that there’s like five shows going on. Kids are like which show do I go to? So I guess it’s like a good and a bad thing. So that the scene is very healthy but at the same time you gotta to work to try to,stand out.

erimhajl3Is there any story or concept behind your current album, Reign Through Immortality?
The whole album is actually a concept. It’s built around a Sumerian king which was really into – cause we bring a lot of spirituality and magic into the music. And this king was more into that.  If you go back into time – people were not aware of the science that we know now. That there’s so many spiritual ways – how you can be guided by the stars. He was more into that and it scared his people and he just closed himself off and just became a spiritual monster. From there he just came back and made everybody know this was a great power that he could go get, and he just demolished everyone. So, yeah, that’s mostly a short version of the last album.

Victory Records seems like an unusual choice for you, what made you sign there?
That’s like the question that comes back the most, you know?  We actually got to showcase for them. And they offered us a deal and we decided to take it. This band is only four years old. There’s a lot of bands out there, a lot of bands worked their ass off and we’re one of those bands. So, once we got to meet everyone at the label and the team that they had – I was like, you know, we’ve never been people to put a label on anything. So, I was like, listen, they want a band like us? They’re a fucking hard working team, so, I’m like, why not go? I mean, we’re super happy with our decision. They’re awesome people, they work their asses off, it’s just a win-win situation for both parties.

erimhajl5Your album has been out for almost a year now. How close are you to recording new stuff?
We’re not giving any dates on anything because, since things are picking up for us on the road, there’s a lot of touring opportunities that are coming up. At the same time, we’re going to need to write a new album, which we are. But I would tell you it’s into the thirty/forty percent range, you know? We’re taking out time to have something solid come out. We would like to go before winter but it really all depends how much we’re going to be on the road.

If your band could open up for anyone, either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Wow, that’s crazy! That’s a good question. Maybe hard to tell. Because the guys aren’t going to like me if I say this, but I would love to have opened for Led Zeppelin. We got to be on a bill with Deicide. And that was pretty amazing. Jack Owen now proudly wears our shirt on stage – that was one of the big ones because our singer was a huge Deicide fan. So I think we’ve already done it. You know from here on in, if it keeps going and we get to open for bands that we’ve looked up to when we were younger,I mean… I’m playing with Korn tonight and that was one of the first bands when I was, like, ten years old that I was into.There are so many different bands that we would open up for.

erimhajl4What was it like working with Allisa from Arch Enemy on your first album? Have you kept in touch?
Yeah, we kept in touch with her a bit after but we’re both in touring bands, it was hard to keep up. Now with her being in Arch Enemy, that’s awesome. That’s a great opportunity for her. She’s one of by far, one of the hardest vocalist. She works her ass off like there’s no tomorrow. We’re happy she’s there. She was nice enough to have her amazing fucking voice on the album.

Has she ever performed live with you?
No. We came close once, they were playing that festival with Deicide but on the other day. We had thought about it. I think it’s one of those songs that’s going to be kept that way and we’re most likely never going to be playing it live. It was just that we thought she was such an amazing vocalist that we actually wanted her voice for that part on the album.

erimhajl1Do you have any messages for anyone reading this right now that should check out your band?
Anybody that’s into metal, but at the same time I think anyone who is searching for something in life should maybe try to look into this band. I’ll leave it at that. People who are questioning themselves or what they’re doing in life and what they would like to do with their life. I think more and more these types of people should get it into Erimha.

Erimha is:
Gore // Vocals
Kthien // Guitar
Leather King// Bass, Backing Vocals
Ksaos // Drums

(Interview and candid photo by Ken Morton – Live Photos by Jack Lue)

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