ANDROMEDA by ERRA (Self-released EP)

Based out of Birmingham, Alabama, Erra is an ambitious collective performing progressive death metal that should really excite fans of bands such as The Faceless and Veil Of Maya. Andromeda is their second self-released EP to date – an extreme explosion of cosmic proportions that should gain the band a good deal of fans and perhaps even some record label attention.

After a brief yet ominous intro entitled Omega Children, the disc blasts into supersonic gear with the relentless sounds of Machina. Metallic guitars, a driving rhythm section, and fiery vocals abound – clearly showing that Erra means serious business – and their business it to pummel your senses into oblivion with their compelling musicianship and blunt force tunage.

Of Rare Reform continues the intensive reveries, adding some clean vocals into the mix, presenting an unforgettable amalgamation of wondrous sound. A definitive highlight on Andromeda is Isolation Blue, coming at the listener with sledgehammer force and then breaking into a thunderous kaleidoscope of musical dynamics at the song’s vibrant conclusion.

The Scenic Route is a ferocious diversion that should cause headbanging whiplash when unleashed live. And then there’s the one-two punch of Daughter Of Sky and the title cut Andromeda, concluding the EP on a staggering, wildly diversified note. Celestial and chaotic in scope, the conclusion of the album is absolutely brilliant! Repeated listening is a required necessity to fully appreciate the ambitious work that Erra has to offer.

All performance found within Erra are first rate, the membership including Garrison Lee on vocals, Jesse Cash on guitar and vocals, Adam Hicks on bass, Alan Rigdon on guitar, and Alex Ballew on drums. Remember the name Erra, because there is no doubt you’ll be hearing a lot more from this band when the New Year spins into existence.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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