Escape The Fate at Holdin’ It Down For The Underground Music Festival

escapethefate1Escape The Fate, Holdin’ It Down For The Underground Music Festival, Seaport Marina Hotel, May 30, 2015

Escape The Fate, headlining band of Holdin It Down For The Underground Music Festival May 30th, 2015. Presented by Pirate Entertainment at the Seaport Marina Hotel in Long Beach. This festival showcased many local bands then worked its way up to the few headlining bands. This place has two floors with four stages which made things move along without much of a delay. Now to the original topic with Escape The Fate, specifically classified in the Post hardcore/ metal core genre that formed in the early 2000’s. so many changes with members but that’s what happens with bands, we all know that. Current members are Robert Ortiz, Craig Mabbitt, TJ Bell, and Kevin Thrasher.

This would be my first time seeing Escape The Fate live, which is pretty cool because I have been a fan since middle school, and I just graduated high school. Yes, it took that long to see them! So from what I witnessed that night was incredible. Their stage performance was absolutely amazing. You could see and feel the presence of their energy. Now that wasn’t the only thing you can feel, The body heat was crazy! I was up in front of the barricades and even I was sweating. A few of the members made their way up to the barricades for a close up experience for the fans, which really got them pumped, Which led to the beginning of the crowd surfing.

escapethefate2If there’s something I love about a show, it would be the crowd participation because without that, it would just be a band playing loud music. So about the heat, that adds to the experience of a good show. Great music, body heat, sweat, crowd surfing, cool bands, and sometimes the random person right next to you. That’s what makes these types of things so memorable. They sure did a good job at packing the top floor and generating a fun night for every one that attended this event .

Escape The Fate played quite a few what I usually describe as “oldie but goodies” for me – those songs would be 10 Miles Wide, The Flood, Something, This War Is Ours, and Situations. Those are the songs I love. Many others can easily say the same.

Id like to personally thank Ben Burt from Pirate Entertainment for putting together so many shows and festivals and actually doing something that helps local bands get out there, and to play with amazing touring bands, I’m sure a lot of us are glad someone like Ben is out there in this world. Being in a band is not the easiest thing to do, I see the struggle that my friends have, but Ben sure does help, and has impacted the local music industry in nothing but good ways.

(Review and Photos by Santos Velasco)

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