Evan Michael

EP by Evan Michael (Self-released)

Based out of Towson, MD, Evan Michael is an aspiring singer / songwriter who has just self-released an EP of introspective tunes. Definitely in a class of his own, Michael has infused the tunes with his own sense of personality and focus, coming up with truly captivating melodies that are sure to endear him to many a musical type. There is a lot of heart and conviction to be found within the material, along with a good deal of lyrical and emotional depth.

The EP starts off on a wistful note with the wondrous strains of All In, where Evan instantly reels the listener in with the poignancy in his voice. Joining him on the song is Ally Rhodes, another talented up and coming artist whose striking vocals add a vibrant layer to the sweetly emotional song.

Who Are You is up next, a warm and romantic track showing just how imaginative of a performer Evan Michael is. Featuring lush musical interludes and subtle yet highly effective vocals, the track is sure to gain its creator a good deal of attention.

Bottle It Up is a rocker just aching to cut loose, complimented by a moody lead vocal that really jazzes up the proceedings.   This one shows an artist more than willing to expand his musical horizons to come up with a tremendously edgy song.

Anything But Ordinary is a song about longing and desire that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of the listener – an extraordinary tune that is sure to affect all who encounter its rich tapestry.

The EP closes out with She’ll Never Know, wondrously picturesque with its pensive lyrics and grand musical soundscape.

Evan Michael possesses the ability to connect directly to the listener, and this definitely makes for an intimate, highly memorable experience. With songs this effective, it won’t be long until Evan Michael is known well beyond the confines of his Facebook page.  Like a favorite blanket on a chilly night or a good novel that transports you away from the common hours of life, the music of Evan Michael is sure to affect all who desire more imagination and timeless reveries from their solo artists.

Remember the name Evan Michael, because you’re bound to hear a lot more about him in the months ahead.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Evan Michael on Facebook

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  1. ninja :) 6 years ago

    You should totally come to Sudbrook!

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