Ever After

What Matters Most by Ever After (Self-released EP)

Based out of the Raleigh, North Carolina area, Ever After is a dynamic post hardcore band who is beginning to garner attention above and beyond their hometown.  And now with their second EP entitled What Matters Most, there is no doubt that newer fans all across the country and recording contracts will come a calling once they hear just what this exhilarating collective has to offer. The five songs found within possess a driving amount of striking melodies and staggering breakdowns.

After an introduction of uneasy breathing, Ever After slams into high gear with the rousing sounds of Regression. Exploding through your system complete with standout choruses, Regression is the perfect opener that should instantly reel the listener in. City Of Oaks is slamming and up-tempo, exuding an all-out  intensity that should set mosh pits into a frenzy when performed live. Nothing Is Over delivers some tripped out guitar leads and a fantastic wall of sound, as well wildly devastating breakdowns.

The aptly titled Hammerhead is an assault to the senses, with heavy grooves and super impassioned vocals. And then closing out the EP is the stunning title track What Matters Most, with its gigantic melodies and grand sense of urgency rendering this one an effective closing knockout of a song.

The guitar work as unleashed by Brandon Garrison and Tyler Davis present a shimmering wall of sound that is wondrous to behold. Tony Wilkinson exudes a great deal of passion and conviction on vocals, conveying the thoughtful lyrics with a profound sense of urgency. The rhythm section drives it all home with a fiery precision, courtesy of Diego Rivera on bass and Sean Hennessey on drums. A tight unit with charisma to spare and the tunes to back it up, Ever After is destined to find happiness and slamming success in future days. In the meantime, check out What Matter Most by Ever After and catch up with an ascending star on the horizon. Rise or Victory Records would be wise to investigate through the sonic pages of Ever After as well.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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