The Fiery Manifesto of Evil Oath

eviloath2Based out of the Nederlands, Evil Oath is a foreboding Black Metal collective ready to leave a lingering impression upon the world at large. Their combustible debut Anno.1666 has been independently released, unleashing an unholy blast of sonic devastation for all whom encounter its malevolent reveries.  Here is an interview we conducted with the mighty Evil Oath to find out more about their fiery manifesto.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Evil Oath, and how long the band has been together.
We’ve started in early 2012, however the idea to begin Evil Oath was already there in 2010.  Abagor (guitar / vocals) and Rydall (guitar) were at that time playing in another band, where they liked the idea of beginning a black metal band. Mexicution (drums) and Melkor (our first bass player) joined in 2012 and we got started! The current line-up exists for little over a year, with Deamonicon on the bass guitar. We’re very glad with that, we went through 5 bass players before Deamonicon came around… haha! Ehm, so it’s safe to conclude we’ve been together for about one and a half year now.

Who are some of your influences and who are some of the bands in your local metal scene?
Our influences are a bit wide actually, pretty much all the band members listen to various black metal artists. Let’s say from Cradle of Filth to Naglfar, and from Burzum to Dark Funeral… many different styles. We describe our music as influenced by Immortal, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Tsjuder and Satyricon. Those guys rock the world of Black Metal! Our local (black) scene consist of a few other bands, RanDystopia and Yoatzin are from around here. Check ‘em out!

Anno1666Is there any overall story or concept behind the Anno. 1666?
The overall story is written on the backside of our Anno.1666 CD! To get a full story one could order it or check out our website: In short 1666 refers to London which was in that year set ablaze as shown on the cover. Hell on Earth (1666) is about that exactly. In the bigger abstract Evil Oath is about presenting the words that should have been spoken to banish religion and faith from this world. Clearly this message is not being heard everywhere. Speaking of which, some people don’t seem to get that faith by definition is something that cannot rationally be argued. People saying (or believing) that there is a god are simply not realizing this. One of the biggest issues of religion (apart from the very much
criminal activity).

Select two songs from Anno. 1666 and what inspired the lyrics.
At first of course the track where the title from the CD is coming from: Hell on Earth (1666) as it is talked through in the question before. An other song from Anno. 1666 is: Collaboration to Cleanse the Spirit and Mind From Faith. It is very much about people not questioning their religion, while they should and what they gain when they do question it.

Who did the artwork for Anno. 1666 and how much input did you have on it?
The artwork is done by our self so we had all the input into it.

eviloath1What could one expect from a live Evil Oath show?
We love to do shows and we are always trying to put a lot of energy
into it. On the shows we put our corpsepaint on and we bring some
elements like smoke and fire. We are always trying to get the audience into it white a set of really aggressive fast songs and some slower darkly songs. A guy once did a review on a show we did:   But it is better to come watch us and just for yourself.

If Evil Oath could open up for any band, either now or from the past,
who would it be and why?
As talked before we love to do live shows so any band will be fine to
play with. Of course it would be very nice if we could open up for a large major black metal band like Immortal, Marduk or Dimmu Borgir, but any band will be fine.

Any strange or scary happenings on the road or at a show?
One of the most strange things happened was that we all broke a string/stick or 2 on 1 show. Abagor broke a string 2 times, Rydall broke 2 strings, Mexicution a drumstick and even Deamonicon broke a string on the bass guitar. It was really strange but the show did go on!!  One time we saw a ghost projected on the side of a truck, which was strange. And we did a show in a place called Backstage. The backstage area was underneath the place and the stair to get there was made of concrete and it was very wet… Luckily no one broke bones that evening!

What does the term Satanism mean to you, if anything?
One explanation is just going in to the way you want to go and not
follow like blind sheep. The other explanation is that of Lavey, but that’s just expressing desires in a more dark way.

What is your favorite beer of choice from the Netherlands and why?
You will have to try Hertog Jan it is a very good beer. It just taste
great and you can drink it all day/night long.

What’s up next for Evil Oath?
Our first thing is the Italian tour. We are really looking forward to

Any final words of wisdom?
Listen to Evil Oath, and question religion (and authority in general)! We hope to see you sometime at a show!!

(Interview by Ken Morton)

Evil Oath


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