Evol Walks and Rebel Hotel at El Cid

Leah Martin-Brown of Evol Walks

Leah Martin-Brown of Evol Walks

Evol Walks, Rebel Hotel, Motochrist, El Cid, July 9, 2016

It was a Saturday night in the City of Angeles and time to rock it out with a vengeance! Headlining at the El Cid in Silverlake was L.A.’s own hard driving Motochrist, featuring members of NY Loose, Humble Gods and Faster Pussycat. Always ready to rage, Motochrist presented a tremendously rambunctious show, easily blowing the roof off the tiny yet very cozy El Cid nightclub. Motochrist invited two of LA’s most compelling up and coming bands to open the show – Evol Walks and Rebel Hotel – and they both would deliver rock solid sets, clearly enrapturing the early arrivals.

Evol Walks is an Australian hard rocking entity now relocated to Los Angeles – and more than ready to take over the world music scene – especially if their spirited live performance are indicative of greater glories ahead. Fans of acts such as Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless are destined to uncover their next favorite band when encountering the blistering refrains of Evol Walks. Front woman Leah Martin-Brown is wondrously charismatic, delivering the fiery lyrics with a commanding sense of depth and conviction. In addition to Ms. Martin-Brown’s bewitching performance, the resourceful musicianship found within Evol Walks stuns the senses – featuring the participation of CJ Tywoniak on lead guitar, Dre DiMura in rhythm guitar, Ian Ross of John 5 and the Creatures on bass, and Jimmy Lee of Slant on drums.

Devastating original material such as Buzzed and Sugar Pie is bound to garner the band a good deal of attention and sounds wickedly exhilarating within a live setting. Evol Walks even brought cover songs to an ultra-vivid life – tackling Paranoid by Black Sabbath and Number Of The Beast by Iron Maiden with a good deal of imagination and flair. Check out Evol Walks’ next show at the infamous Crazy Girls in Hollywood on August 1st and prepare to be thoroughly swept away by one of the most explosive new bands within the Los Angeles music scene today.

Rebel Hotel rages at El Cid!

Rebel Hotel rages at El Cid!

If your face wasn’t already shredded to bits by Evol Walks, Rebel Hotel was more than ready to finish the job! Every time I’ve seen this scandalously underrated LA-based band, Rebel Hotel delivered nothing short of a devastating rock and roll extravaganza! Their show at El Cid would only cement the fact that all passionate music fanatics should be checking into what this thrilling collective has to offer the world at large. Rebel Hotel’s powerhouse set included vastly memorable rockers such as You’re On Your On, Back On The Street, and Cynthia Brown. Also featured within the Rebel Hotel experience was a raging rendition of the Ramones’ classic Blitzkrieg Bop.

Rebel Hotel front man and guitarist Ricky Ohrn is a mighty force to be reckoned with, unveiling the songs with a ferocious sense of urgency. Also found within the membership of Rebel Hotel is Aaron Lee on lead guitar, supplying a dynamic wall of auditory madness to the proceedings. Each and every member of Rebel Hotel send the songs raging into the stratosphere, unleashing a lethal hard rock/punk combination that is exciting to witness live. With a few EP’s under their belts and a captivating live show, Rebel Hotel is a band well worth seeking out amongst the plethora of talent here in the Los Angeles area. Be sure to catch Rebel Hotel at Crazy Girls on August 29th, as their devastating live shows are not to be missed!

What an absolutely killer trio of bands at the El Cid! Whoever said our Los Angeles local music scene is dead clearly did not attend this rapturous show!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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