Facedown Fest 2015 at the Glass House

Mouth Of The South

Mouth Of The South

Facedown Fest 2015, The Glass House, May 16, 2015 with Gideon and Mouth Of The South

Facedown Fest 2015, presented by Facedown Records at The Glass House in Pomona! This year’s lineup included Mouth Of The South, Leaders, Hope For The Dying, Those Who Fear, Everything In Slow Motion, Saving Grace, My Epic, War Of Ages, Gideon and xDEATHSTARx as the headlining band. We are featuring two of these bands. Mouth of the South and Gideon.

Mouth Of The South, opening band for Facedown Fest 2015, is a Christian metalcore band that worships God through music. This is a band that opens up religion with meaningful lyrics from their own opinions and the bible. Besides the facts of their lyrical motivations, let’s talk about the perfect balance between screams, singing and breakdowns. The combination and transition makes you want to move with the crowd, even if you’re not in it, I focused as much as I could on the lyrics and, as I said, they’re very meaningful. To have bands that focus on spreading the word of God in a different way is amazing to me, heavy music and screams automatically portray as “devil worshiper music,” but if you were to pay attention to the lyrics, you will notice that it’s the complete opposite.

Each member was energetic, a great band to draw in a crowd and to kick things off for this festival. Mouth Of The South picked up some new fans that day, including myself. As a photographer that gets to be closer to the bands, it’s awesome to witness the stage performance up close, especially if it’s for a unique band. Whether you are a believer of God or not, Mouth Of The South is a must listen! Very enjoyable for those who believe in God and for those who would like some good new music to listen to. Don’t quite like the lyrics? Then just enjoy the instrumentals on their own. Perfect craftsmanship of music.



My overall opinion is that this is a must listen to band in the Metalcore/Hardore genre, Mouth Of The South is unique for many many reasons, a few such as the nicely paced music, spiritual inspiration, and simply because they are a crowd pleaser that people from other states came all the way down to Pomona, California to see them.

Gideon is a hardcore band that bases their music influences off of Christianity, which empowers their lyrical ideas. You can have fun and throw down in the pit all at the same time while worshiping Christ through music with meaning. This band has catchy heavy breakdowns that will get you involved with the crowd participation. I watched the band play their heart out on stage and showed how much energy they can put out, as for the fans, they sang at the top of their lungs to their favorite songs. Seeing things like that is amazing because that means the band has impacted their lives in good ways.  As for myself, I was surprised with their huge fan base since it was my first time seeing Gideon live. With that being said can easily say that this a band worth sharing with your friends. Definitely going to add Gideon to a music playlist of mine

Into the word of God? Like heavy music? If yes, then Gideon is the right band for you. That’s what makes them different than a lot of other bands in their genre. except for the ones that played Facedown Fest.  All the bands that played for this festival are spiritual basef bands that use their faith as a guideline in the music industry, using that as motivation for the music they create. Overall, great music was played that night!

(Review and Photos by Santos Velasco)

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