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While progressive hard rock band Faithsedge is signed to Scarlet Records out of Italy, founding member Giancarlo Floridia is a resident of Orange County, California. Through the magic of networking through friends and on the web, Faithsedge became an thriving entity with a new self-titled album on the way.  Bass player Fabrizio Grossi has worked with Steve Lukather and Alice Cooper, and has skillfully produced the debut Faithsedge effort.  Guitarist Alex De Rosso handled live lead guitar for Dokken  and drummer Tony Morra’s impressive credits include working with artists such as Rebecca St James and Van Zant.  Together they make up Faithsedge, presenting music that is exciting, impassioned, and brilliantly performed.  Here is a recent interview we conducted with one of the Faithsedge membership to find out more about this compelling collective.

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Faithsedge, and how long the band has been together.
Hi I am Giancarlo lead singer /songwriter in Faithsedge. I play guitar on it too but yea , Alex De Rosso is the main shredder on the album. We put the project together I believe about a year and a half to two years ago with the line up complete.  However I came up with the name maybe like 3 years ago.

Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there?
Well I was born and raised in California , moved away a few times and always came back. The scene itself is cool if your willing to get out and work hard on gigging and trying to find the right people to work with.  I live in Orange County but I was raised in Los Angeles county so that’s a much different scene.  But where I live now it seems to be cool. I just kind of passed up the whole scene idea of trying to find other guys to play with here and went straight to my favorite producer Fabrizio Grossi to see if he would work with me because I knew he was the person that could truly get the job done.

Being from Huntington Beach, CA., how did you wind up being signed by the European based Scarlet Records?
Somebody from the Label was visiting California and Fabrizio showed them the album. He loved the record and told everyone about it in Italy and they all liked it too.  It got picked up really quick too so that was nice.

Where did you get the ideas for some of your lyrics? Please pick two songs from the new CD and what inspired you to write the lyrics
Whatever is going on or gone in my life I write about, just life experience stuff.
World keeps falling down is about my best friend passing away during the recording of the album and him telling me to use my talents almost as one of his final wishes.  When he passed I came to realize more about myself and how I needed to stop listening to others who were negative for my life and follow my heart and go for my goals that I believed in without fail.
Another one I like a lot is Somewhere in your heart. It’s about almost being a homeless single parent with your 6 year old son in the streets of Long Beach , Ca living in a run down hotel with no family to help you and trying to find hope in a dark and hopeless time of my life.  So when I wrote this song I just remembered how much he motivated me to carry on and fight my way through possibly the worst time of my life.  That song is a reminder to him when he gets older on how much he inspired me to never give up.

What other bands were you involved with prior to Faithsedge?
I usually just worked with different people in the industry.  I had a five song EP I did with Juan Crouicer (X -Ratt) producing and showed that to Fabrizio as a start to try to get Fab to work with me.  I had a band before here in Orange County and I opened up for a lot of the headliner acts that would roll through at a place called the Galaxy Theater.  A lot of people on the scene were getting into us but I stopped playing due to other things going on my life at the time that I needed to take care of.  This is my way of coming back better and stronger than ever not only as a singer writer but with an insane group of pro’s.

Has Faithsedge ever played live or do you plan to do so in the future?
The cool thing about everyone who played on this is we all look out for each other.  I know we all live far away from each other but if the right offer came or the doors opened up I am sure we could do some gigs. Right now I am focusing on doing a follow up to this album.  I have a lot of good songs Fabrizio and I are working on.  But no, we have never played live, just all hung out together a few months back and it was awesome!

How did you wind up meeting the other musicians in Faithsedge?
Fabrizio has helped me with everything and put together everyone involved.  I trusted him from day one on who he would bring into the project not only cause I respected him but I think he knows how much this meant to me.  So once I knew who was playing on it I made friends with them online and Facebook etc.  These guys are awesome people and are like family to me now.  Tony used to live near where I live now years ago so that’s pretty cool.

How difficult was it to have Alex De Rosso’s guitar parts recorded in Italy and then to mix them into the album?
I asked Fabrizio about the recording process and he told me it was easy.  I think mainly cause everyone gets along and worked together.  I also believe we just have great chemistry and of course Fabs amazing. But Alex’s playing and my singing style to me went together well not only style wise but emotionally.  If you listen to tracks like That’s What Happened To Us, Let It End This Way, When It Rains, or Hold On, he really nailed solos not only technique wise but also fit the vocals great!

Who is the cover model on the album and how much input did you have on the cover art?
I had the idea in my head and drew it out on paper along with the name Faithsedge and everyone seemed to like the concept of it.  So Fabrizio and I talked about image wise what we were looking for and I was shown some different model pictures from a photographer here in Huntington Beach, and I saw her and was like “that’s her.”  Her name is Jessica Wilson and she’s awesome (love ya Jess).  I sent her picture over to Fabrizio and he agreed she was the right girl and she said she would like to be on the cover too.  So we went to downtown Long Beach at a photo studio and did the pictures which is kinda weird going back there to take them considering what I told you about the song Somewhere In Your Heart earlier.  The label liked it too; everyone has been really cool about the whole idea of Faithsedge I have.

Is there any particular story behind the band’s name Faithsedge?
Yes my best friend who passed away who I mentioned earlier helped me with the idea.  I played him some of the song ideas I was working on over the phone to him and he was blown away.  I had another name I used that I was not happy with and he said I should change the name cause the songs were too mature to what I had been doing before and that I should do something along the lines of using one of my kid’s name as the band name since I love them so much.  I thought that was a good idea, but I couldn’t use the name Chris – but I could use my daughter’s name Faith-Anne.  So I told him I would come up the name Faith Something and call him back the next day.  I started to think about the sound of the songs it was smooth vocally yet heavy and aggressive.  So I thought Faithsedge, and I knew it was the right name . Called him the next day and he was like ” I told ya so” ahahahahahahahahah.  Miss him alot .

Any interesting NAMM stories you could share with us?
I have a few about Alex De Rosso that are too freakin funny to mention.  I thought I was gonna wreck my car from laughin’ so hard, but he may kill me or get me back in an interview if I tell you, but I can tell you another one.  I asked Alex to come see Stryper with me and my son at the Namm after show and he couldn’t go cause he had an ESP guitars dinner thing he had to go too.  So I took my son and went with my friend and monster keyboard player Eric Ragno and John Parker from Talon and a couple of Fabrizio’s Italian friends who were here visiting.  I’m downstairs and Alex calls me and says the ESP dinner was at the same venue House Of Blues on the upstairs patio. ahahahahahahahaha So we got to hang out anyways.  So we just had a blast.  We would choreograph like we were in the Scorpions in front of people while Stryper was playing and there was this really Big, Big drunk guy behind us singing like every word to the Stryper songs like 3 keys too low.  I mean picture me and Alex and me choreographing while some drunk dude is sitting on a stool upstairs is ruining every tune by them.  It was classic.  Other than that all I do at Namm is make networks with companies like my new endorsements SIT guitar strings, LM Straps, and In tune Guitar picks 🙂

What are the future plans for Faithsedge?
To deliver the best songs and albums possible and to make this a start of something that people can look forward to.

Do you have any messages for people reading this who might want to check your band out?
Hope you like the songs on the album if you get to check them out.  We have 5 full songs for preview on the band’s website – and also thanks for the interview Ken /Highwire Daze!

The Faithedge’s membership consists of Giancarlo Floridia (vocals /guitar) , Fabrizio Grossi (producer/bass) , Alex De Rosso (Lead Guitar) , and Tony Morra (Drums).

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Faithsedge Official Home Page


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