FALCONER complete song writing for new album and reveal album title!

falconernews1Swedish folk metal standard-bearers, FALCONER, have completed the songwriting for their upcoming eighth album. Prepare yourselves for some classical FALCONER quality with all of their trademarks and their most metal album in years!

Guitarist Stefan Weinerhall explains: “The 8th album ‘Black Moon Rising‘ is finally written. This time we have even made some preproductions of the material to test it out in advance. Some titles are: ‘There’s a crow on the barrow’, ‘Age of runes’, ‘Scoundrel and the squire‘. We will enter the studio in January and release it in June 2014. As said before, all songs are in English this time after the last album’s one-off with only Swedish songs.

“It’s for sure the most riff based album in many years and there are certainly some furious moments of brow-raising on the album! If I would sum up the material with two words they would be: Intensity and revitalization.

“We will keep it quite basic with no guest musicians and almost no keyboards to keep it raw, natural and unpretentious. Can’t wait to enter the studio and put the finishing touches on the songs!”

FALCONER’s previous album, “Armod” was released in 2011 and can be previewed and purchased at metalblade.com HERE. The popular video for “Vid Rosornas Grav” can be seen on youtube HERE.



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