Falkenbach_Asa_640xAsa by Falkenbach (Prophecy Productions)

The mighty Viking metal opuses of Falkenbach return with the glorious refrains of Asa – the sixth masterwork released through a new partnership with Prophecy Productions. After a tenure of working with Napalm Records, founder Vratyas Vakyas appears to be at the very height of his creative prowess – with Asa certainly being the most fully realized effort Falkenbach has released to date. Ambitious in scope and filled with vast sonic adventures, Asa by Falkenbach sets the imagination in flight. Whether it’s the inspiring melodies or blistering metallic attacks to the senses, Falkenbach unleashes a majestic masterwork that should intrigue all types of music aficionados.

An ominous choir prologue explodes into a world of marvel at the commencement of Vaer Stjernar Vaerdan, where a sweeping magnificence permeates throughout. Wulfarweijd then shatters your senses with its wondrous echoes of danger and intrigue. Mijn Laezt Wourd soars into the stratosphere with its atmospheric soundscapes and haunting vocal refrains.

1411798_45870112_300xBronzen Embrace is commanding and triumphant, a resounding call to arms that is exciting to behold. Eweroun travels through the seasons with a timeless splendor while I Nattens Stilta opens the gates to even more mythical explorations. Bluot Fuer Bluot weaves through the mind with its expansive reveries, charting an epic course of elation and grandeur.

Stikke Wound ignites the imagery of a land in flames, enveloping the listener with its blistering radiance. Closing track Ufirstanan Folk is destined to linger within your mind long after the disc spins past its stunning grand finale. A rapturous adventure from beginning to finish, Asa by Falkenbach is a grand and majestic work of artistry lifting the listener into a world where adventure reigns supreme. While the stories may be told in a different language, the music alone is more than enough to tempt one into a journey of a lifetime. Another triumph for Vratyas Vakyas and the celebrated entity known as Falkenbach.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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