Crown The Empire

The Fallout by Crown The Empire (Rise Records)

Rise Records has done it once again, unleashing a massive talent upon the world at large – the kind that continues to garner the label a good deal of praise.  Crown The Empire from Dallas, Texas is their latest signing, a post hardcore / electronica band whose imagination and passion is destined to render them a standout in an already oversaturated market. Possessing unique musical soundscapes, superb musicianship, and two super charismatic vocalists, Crown The Empire is sure to become genre royalty in no time at all. The band’s debut EP Limitless was a stunner, already demonstrating their musical visions – and with The Fallout, the Empire strikes again with a sheer all out vengeance.

The disc kicks everything into high gear with the lunatic meanderings of Oh, Catastrophe, instantly revealing the band’s thrilling sense of creativity and dramatics. The sonic storm then blasts in with the title cut The Fallout, a staggering anthem destined to send mosh pits across the nation into overdrive.

Memories Of A Broken Heart is stark and devastating, with its “You think this is the end, you’re wrong!” screamed with a potent sense of fervor. Apocalyptic visions mix with a wistful sense of longing in the intensive Makeshift Chemistry and its too catchy, “I’m looking for a little bit of love in this heartbreak city” chorus.

The One You Feed has an especially ominous keyboard underscore and heartfelt lyrical content that will send the listener reeling. Menace then continues the haunting sentiments and spiraling melodies to a wildly effective measure.

Graveyard Souls has the band clearly merging into Alesana / Motionless In White (even early A7X) territory while still retaining their own vibrant personality and energy. Two’s Too Many is the cathartic breakup song, musically diverse and lyrically liberating.

Evidence is further proof that Crown The Empire’s musical tapestries pack an emotional punch with it’s “You’ll never find happiness while you live inside hate” smashing the repressive boundaries of today’s music and attitudes.  Children Of Love is spiraling and hopeful with the “we are the noise of generation now!” call to arms resonating throughout.

The Fallout closes with the chilling Johnny’s Revenge, a probable companion piece to opening cut Oh, Catastrophe that is sure to slaughter the senses of all who remain on to the brilliantly demented end.

Produced with expert precision by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack!), The Fallout by Crown The Empire is an adventurous collection of tunes that should appeal to a wide variety of music fans. With all of the vibrant musical ideas and powerhouse vocals, there is no doubt that Crown The Empire will be the breakthrough band of 2013 – with a glorious and lasting musical reign.  It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for this Lone Star state collective.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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