Here are some treats now on CD. Because fall is here, we still want to hold onto summer for a bit longer. So, you might want to check some of these out for yourself.

Counting Crows
Capital Records
Somewhere Under Wonderland is this bands seventh studio release for this California alternative rock band. The CD shows off the Crows at their loosest and most vibrant. Check out some of the lyrics too they are easy to understand and to picture the setting that they are giving you. It’s interesting to hear a record fully all the way through and enjoy it just waiting for some filler song but not on this one. Some of the better tracks that stand out are: Scarecrow, Earthquake Driver and Palisades Park. If you can find it there is a version of the CD available with bonus cuts which are demos of two of the songs. Way to go.

The Church
Here are 20 songs done live from this band with the help of a full orchestra at The Opera House in Sydney Australia. This lifts the psychedelic of the music to a higher level of appreciation. The pros lyrics of Steve Kilbey are taken a bit more seriously in this kind of a format. This format allows you the listener to completely see the picture. It lets you journey through them and float along as some boat on a river with twist and bands that you never see coming. By doing this the songs done here get even deeper thought put into them. At times you think you’re listening to a movie soundtrack behind the band. I hope this was recoded to a DVD and gets released. Outstanding to say the least but you get so much more from it.

Tooth & Nail Records
The choice of using God and Heaven in some of the lyrics lets you know that even though this is their last album, that they stayed to their roots in what they believed in. It was interesting, after being on Universal Records, to see that thy even went back to their roots of their first label Tooth & Nail to release their last album as well. Strong aggressive opening track with occasional drifter tracks are scattered in tracks 3, 5 and 8. So most of the record is very straight forward to it’s listeners. It’s definitely a rock adventure through different textures in the alternative sound for this release. Keyboards are used in some of the songs this time around as well. Lowborn features 10 final tracks from Florida’s finest music export. Instead of recording Lowdown together, the band members did their parts with separate producers they each selected. This would explain the great mixing, production and producing that went into the last record. This could be the breakthrough release that gets good notice but might be too late because the band is calling it quits after this release. Hmm can someone say Grammy nominee? Just because this might be a Christian band of sorts, that doesn’t mean they can’t rock it out in the alternative music market. With this, the bands 7th album, it could be summed up in one song on this CD if you listen closely. On their acoustic driven song Atonement, it reflects on the band’s music career, not quite coming to grips with completely saying goodbye. But this is the last world tour and the band is breaking up and going in separate ways that is a definite given, I wish them all the best into the future. I would like to see them one more time but I did see them on tour during the Vans Warped Tour twice, during the 2014 run of that production.

lsoersandLOSERS & KINGS
The Downtown Fiction
Fearless Records
Losers & Kings is a pop-punk album. With the release of Losers & Kings, it marks for Downtown Fiction their sophomore album. The Downtown Fiction might be based out of Virginia, but they have proven that their catchy lyrics and feel good tunes are here to stay and be heard all over the place. Losers & Kings will be a hit with their current fans along with pop-punk lovers looking for an upbeat album. Don’t Count Me Out is the first track with a fun guitar riff and a catchy drum beat. These two things will set up the entire album. Some of the lyrics get a little edgy at times but still catchy enough to keep you interested. The single from this album is the song Cool Kids. Cool Kids begins with an distorted guitar riff that is perfect for radio play that makes the band look modern but fun too. One other great stand out song is So Called Life. If you like The Motion City Soundtrack or All Time Low, you’ll dig The Downtown Fiction for sure. Give this fun a try.

Cooking Vinyl Records
Here with La Petite Mort, now being around for 30 years, this band has still vitality and continue to grow psychologically and musically. With having a good talented number of musicians and with Tim Booth’s lyrics of emotions, this band can still grow with ease. The songs though this time around seem to come from Tim’s past of things dear to him that have been people and things he has lost, it seems. But, sometimes these can leave a forever changing and growth effects on you. Those after effect Is what this record definitely shows. James don’t care for being popular. Instead, James makes songs that are relevant, catchy and fun. Great lyrics again from Tim Booth in these songs: Curse Curse and Moving On, Frozen Britain (which would make a cool video) and Interrogation. James delivers yet again time after time. Hope hey last for another good twenty years. Hope they make it here to the USA for an American tour for this release. The CD art work would make for a great tee shirt im just saying

Atlantic/ Parlophone Records
Coldplay return with their sixth studio album. Coldplay have darker elements to build up their music with this time. It also has incorporated ambient techniques to expand the bands full total sound on here as well. Ghost Stories comes across as an interesting album experience. It seems that this was an attempt on Coldplay’s part to branch out, style wise, and produce something new and interesting. They achieved just that something interesting. They take you in an experience and leave you floating there while everything else happens, while you’re feeling as if hovering and coming across things on your way to take a brief look. Cold Play starts you off as if thinking in your head its happening. It leaps you forward to thinking is everything just made up of Magic? Then they set you a drift to explore True Love. Other interesting songs are Oceans and A Sky Full Of Stars (which would make for a great video). They did a concert featuring these songs on NBC right before this CD’s release. If you’re looking to take a journey of wonder then this is the CD for you.

Echo And The Bunnymen
429 Records
The album has its eyes pointed upward at a deity that may or may not be there. Exploring if there is a God is a returning theme that lead vocalist Ian McCulloch gets into this subject matter a lot. For the last 5 albums now it’s been just Ian and guitarist Will Sergeant. The most effective and powerful song this time around is Market Town. Market Town pounds harder than anything else on the album, and you can feel the energy with it. This time around the CD feels more mysterious and murky. The haunting stilled vocals enhance this feeling so that you are to figure things out for yourself. You are left to think of what you may think is out there or up there that make all of this and beyond that we know of or don’t know of. Some of the other great songs on here are Holy Moses, Grapes Upon The Vine and Is This A Breakdown. Truly interesting for sure.

Harvest Records
Morrissey has released his 10th solo album. The opening track on World Peace Is None of Your Business is an ironic take on the value of democracy. This is also the title of the album which is a deceptive start because it’s the most political song on here. This song shows of Morrissey’s style from long ago when he was the lead vocalist of The Smiths. In the song Staircase at the University, it pokes at academic expectations that we are supposed to have learned while in school. Also in the song I’m Not a Man, it talks about popular notions of masculinity. These three songs alone tell you that is definitely a Morrissey album and it’s not going to let up or disappoint. Congrads on another great record. I know there are rumors of Morrissey having cancer, but I hope he makes more records. They are so relatable every time a new CD of his comes out.

More releases for the Fall Season coming at ya next week!

(All reviews by: Jonathan D. Wright)


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