The Mystical Order of Farsot

There is darkness and intrigue to be found within the stunning compositions of Farsot.  Supremely artistic while retaining a devastating black metal edge, Farsot has been pushing musical boundaries to illogical extremes since their inception in 2004.  At present, the band has unleashed their second epic recording on Lupus Lounge entitled Insects.  In this interview, we attempt to infiltrate the mystical order of Farsot to find more about this fascinating collective.  Read on and let Farsot of Germany crawl into your subconscious…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Farsot, and how long the band has been together.
v.03/170: farsot. were founded in 1999 with a slightly different line-up. The first years were about experimenting and finding an own unique musical style. In 2003 the band as it consists until today was completed by me as the last part. I’m playing the bass, some keys if necessary and in some cases I do some recordings e.g. for our demo „042103freitod“ and the song „I break“ from the Katatonia-Tribute Album.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
v.03/170: There’re quite many young bands, who’re growing up by musical knowledge and their manifold talents. One which should catch ones attention are “The Evershed Effect”. They just finished their debut album “Ascentus”, recorded by V. Santura. A progressive metallic masterpiece.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Insects?
v.03/170: There’s no special story at all. The concept itself arose straight from the music. It became clear in an early stadium of songwriting, that the overall mood of this album would be kind of apocalyptic. Our singer started experimenting with different lyrical themes until the word “Insects” was the central element, which was dry but expressive enough to become form a working title to the album’s final one.

Please select two songs from Insects and what inspired the lyrics.
10.XIXt: Ok, lets start with the opening track: “Like Flakes of Rust”. It treats the longing for become somewhat different except a human being. Its the attempt to break off with all this daily routine non-sense and to escape from life´s chaos. By these thoughts, it is also a bow to the short story “Order of Insects“ by Gass which tells about a housewife who is exploring the aesthetic of dead roaches. Her fear turns into strange commitment and a collector´s passion for dead insects ever driven by the anxiety for her own, really ugly dead when she corrupts. She gets more and more possessed by the will not to die as a human until she transforms herself into a bug.

Lyrically there´s a completely different approach in “Empyrean” e.g.. The lyrics in “Empyrean” are just a different, fanciful description of when a buzzing swarm of insects turns day into night by veiling the sun. Cynthia (as a sort of butterfly and a hint to Artemis Cynthia – the Greek goddess of the moon and animals) means the one who calls the plague to transfer the world into absolute darkness. The song is very epic and has a really aesthetic character, so the lyrics just accentuate the atmosphere by describing this beautiful, yet threatening scene.

What could one expect from a live Farsot show?
v.03/170: I suppose, that’s a question, which can be better answered by people who have seen us on stage several times. Though I’ve never seen a show from the audience, I just can tell you, that we always try to convince people by making them feel what we feel while playing or felt while writing that stuff. Even if it’s overwhelming to see headbanging crowds, it’s also satisfying to see people standing still and listening with closed eyes.

Who did the cover art for Insects and how much input did you have on it?
The original graphics used for “Insects” are taken out off an anatomic book. It´s from the 17th century and was published by Govard Bidloo, an anatomist from the Netherlands. The illustrations were done by Gerard De Lairesse in 1685 and manipulated by myself through twisting it with the insect-topic. So our input was the embedding of the insect theme – the creation of an abysmal reference to the albums concept. Through the (quite difficult) modding of the illustrations, especially for the cover, we got a perfect allegory of the album-concept: The insect in man. The crushing comparison of both species and their behaviour patterns. A long-lost humanity which degrade themselves to the so-called vermin. Expendable and useless. Furthermore the cover becomes a very pictured survey of the album´s sound character: earthy, sinister, remote but direct, harsh but aesthetic.

Are you or the other band members involved with any other band or projects outside of Farsot?
v.03/170: Our Lead-Guitarist plays bass in a Gothic Metal band named “DieVotion” and in “Crown of Creation” – a Death Metal band. That’s it.

What made you decide to chose I Break to cover for the Katatonia tribute album December Songs?
v.03/170: We just liked the idea behind the tribute – old songs reissued by artists of a newer era. Though our influences are to find in early works of Katatonia, it was no new ground to walk on. Nevertheless it was a challenge to get a result, which can stand the original of such a great act.

Has the band recorded any covers since then or would want to in the future?
v.03/170: No, we’re not too much into covers in general. To play covers live is mostly a funny thing to get a bored audience warmed up. Especially if they never heard of you and get presented a song they know and like, you can catch their attention. But for being recorded you need a special idea to present an old song in a livery that’s unmistakably yours. The effort and the time for discovering such is mostly better invested in own material. But maybe another song will catch us in a way, that we can’t abstain from creating a self-willed interpretation.

How frustrating was it to wait four years to record and release a new album?
v.03/170: Nothing to be frustrated about. It was not about waiting – we’ve been busy all the time. We played two very good tours, several single gigs and had some festival appearances. Music is not our profession, so we have jobs, studies or smth. which takes the most of our time. Besides that we also do some spare time activities like sports or several other creative things. Between all this, we have written songs, some were discarded, because they wouldn’t have fit onto the album and the remaining ones ‘re figured out with many musical details, so boredom was really seldom.

What’s up next in the new year for Farsot?
v.03/170: Hopefully many good shows, maybe a tour? We actually don’t plan any further and see what opportunities will occur.

Any final words of wisdom?
v.03/170: Final words are overrated.

Farsot is:
10.XIXt – voices
3818.w – strings
Pi:1T 5r – strings
v.03/170 – pulse
R 215k – drums

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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