Farsot: Recordings of “insects” finished

Farsot have finished recording their upcoming album “insects.” The follow-up to “||||” was produced under the aegis of Markus Stock in Studio E / Mellrichstadt. “insects” is going to pick up where the band’s previous releases left off: the listener is enticed to discover, to confront the disturbing dynamics, to feel the deep, earthy mystique. This time, you are going to be faced with a topical framework that is more real than you can ever wish for.

The track-list of “insects:”
1. like flakes of rust
2. empyrean
3. perdition
4. 7
5. adamantine chains
6. the vermilion trail
7. withdrawal
8. somnolent

At the moment the finishing touches are being put to the layout and the different formats, a task that will be completed in the coming weeks. Further information on the album will follow in the near future.

Prophecy Productions homepage: www.prophecyproductions.de


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