Faster Pussycat and Se7en Reasons Why at The Whisky

Faster Pussycat at The Whisky

Faster Pussycat at The Whisky

Faster Pussycat, Se7en Reasons Why, The Whisky, June 10, 2016

Faster Pussycat made their way to the world famous Whisky on the Sunset Strip to celebrate a Dirty Thirty years of enrapturing the masses, and certainly had the capacity crowd purring away with a wickedly rambunctious set. A whole collection of locals opened the show, including a warped and wonderful performance from the one and only Se7en Reasons Why.

The Whisky has really been presenting a lot of kick ass rock and roll shows this year, and the pairing of Faster Pussycat and Se7en Reasons would make for a captivating event! A thrilling live event would be experienced. containing all the sonic catnip you would ever want.

Here is some of the decadence and mayhem which would take place on at the iconic club on a Friday night in early June.

The madness known as Mick Scott of Se7en Reasons Why

The madness known as Mick Scott of Se7en Reasons Why

Se7en Reasons Why

Se7en Reasons Why exudes a ton of excitement and creativity within their live set, and has a quirky charismatic front man that sends it all into the stratosphere. The direct support band to Faster Pussycat, Se7en Reasons Why rip-roared into ultrasonic gear with the fiery Thunder Rollin’, quickly capturing the attention of the Whisky audience. The band’s Facebook page describes their sound as “Folk Punk,” and it was certainly clear that Se7en Reasons Why is aspiring to bring something fresh and original to our local Los Angeles music scene.

Vocalist Mick Scott delivers the goods in an epic way, with a whole lot of punk rock in-your-freakin’-face attitude that is positively endearing. And then there’s the stand-out performance of violinist Hiro Goto, who shades in the songs with a vast amount of creativity and resourcefulness. Just like Sean Mackin’s extraordinary work in Yellowcard, Hiro weaves a dazzling sense of magic into the songs and is an integral part of Se7en Reasons Why’s unique sound.

Se7en Reasons Why is a band that could open for both the hair metal and classic punk rock bands – and judging by the auditory exhibition bestowed upon the Whisky attendees, it won’t be long at all before Se7en Reasons Why are headling their very own shows at the iconic nightclub. Be sure to catch this vastly entertaining band rocking Cruefest Hollywood at The Whisky on July 30th.

Taime Down of Faster Pussycat

Taime Down of Faster Pussycat

Faster Pussycat

The stage was darkened and you could tell the Power of the Pussy was soon to be upon us! Kicking off their set with their hit song Where There’s A Whip There’s A Way, Faster Pussycat proceeded to claw their way into the rock and roll heart of the matter. One of the highlights of the set would be a raging rendition of Number One With A Bullet, a latter day song  from the 2006 album The Power And The Glory Hole that clearly shows the band is more than capable of unleashing should be hit singles after all of this time.

The massive power ballad House Of Pain is always an intense pleasure live, and in this occasion, front man Taime Down straddled on what looked like a fluorescent cross and sang his blackened heart out. Down remains one of the most compelling front men of the hair metal era, unveiling a venomous amount of camp rock star showmanship that is wondrous to behold. Another standout in the modern day Faster Pussycat lineup is guitarist Ace Von Johnson, the newest member of the band who brings his experience in past punk rock collectives such as The Generators and Unwritten Law to the proceedings.  Also ripping the stage apart with a ferocious amount of big bad kitty cat conviction were Xristian Simon on guitar, Danny Nordahl on bass, and Chad Stewart on drums.

Any Faster Pussycat extravaganza is not to be missed, and they were apparently recording this one for an upcoming live album. Be sure to catch Faster Pussycat on the Hair Nation Festival at Irvine Meadows on September 17th!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

Faster Pussycat on Facebook
Se7en Reasons Why on Facebook


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