Meet the Bands of Fearless Friends Tour 2011


It is now time once again for the annual Fearless Friends Tour, which kicks off November 9th in Flagstaff and concludes December 16th in Tempe.

C0-headlining the event are two Arizona-based bands – Blessthefall and The Word Alive – with direct support from PA’s own Motionless In White.

Two bands from afar are also participating – Chunk! No Captain Chunk! from France and Tonight Alive! from Australia – both recent signings to the Fearless Records registry of artists.

Highwire Daze decided to interview the various bands to find out about what to expect on the tour this year, current happenings,  stories from the road, and other grand and fearless topics!

And so now, meet four of the bands from the Fearless Friends Tour 2011


Introduce yourself, and tell me what you do in Blessthefall and where is your band based out of?
My name is Beau Bokan and I sing for the international rock act known as Blessthefall. We’re based out of Phoenix, Arizona

What are you looking forward to the most about the Fearless Friends tour?
Well its been a while since we’ve headlined. I’m looking forward to playing songs kids haven’t heard us play before. Also, we have a sweet ass light show! Stoked to see what that’s going to look like!

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Awakening and how does it compare to the previous Blessthefall releases?
We wanted a sweet one-word title for our album. The word Awakening held so many different meanings. We thought everyone could listen to the record and come up with their own idea of why we chose that title. This album is like Witness’ older, cooler brother.

Select a song from Awakening and what inspired the lyrics.
40 Days..” Is about when my fiancée and I spent 40 days apart from each other while we were both on tour.  It’s the only love song I’ve ever written and I really pour my heart out. I think a lot of people can really relate to it. It would be cool to shoot a video for it.

What could one expect from a live Blessthefall show on the Fearless Friends tour?
You can expect a lot of hyper active kids onstage losing their minds. We pride ourselves on our high-energy live performances. I swear one of us is going to have a heart attack on stage one day.

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to your band while out on the road?
We like going ghost hunting in haunted asylums. That always gets strange.

How difficult was it when original member Mike Frisby left the band and do you still keep in touch with him?
It actually wasn’t difficult at all. Elliott came in and knew all of our songs from the first day of practice. He also helped us write our record. He’s a great guitar player and has done a killer job filling in. We hang out with Mike all the time. He’s a good friend.

How did Christopher Dudley of Underoath become involved with the recording of Awakening and what was it like working with him?
We toured with Chris and Underoath last summer and we made super good friends with those dudes. We knew we wanted to have some rad programming on the record and Chris was the first person we thought of. He was super stoked on the idea. We’re the only band he’s ever worked with outside of UO. He’s an amazing dude..truly one of the best dudes ever and so talented. We were very lucky to have worked with him

What is your definition of a Fearless Friend?

Any messages for fans looking forward to making friends with you on the Fearless Friends tour?
We love each and every fan. We will be hanging at our merch table so come by and high five us! We want to meet you ALL!!!


Introduce yourself, and tell me what you do in The Word Alive and where is your band based out of?
My name is Telle, and I’m the vocalist of TWA. The band is based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

What are you looking forward to the most about the Fearless Friends tour?
Just the fact that we’re not only going on tour with a lot of friends, but able to do our longest set on a support tour so far. It’s gonna be a great tour.

With Deceiver being out for over a year, how close are you to writing and recording an all new The Word Alive album?
We’ve been writing most of the year, especially the last several months. We wanted to get a major head start on the next full-length as opposed to how little time we had before writing/recording Deceiver due to touring so much. We knew we had to write most of our record on the road so we made arrangements to do that. The recording time is set for Feb 7-March 21 with producer/engineer Joey Sturgis.

Select any two The Word Alive songs you may be playing on the Fearless Friends Tour and what inspired the lyrics.
Lights And Stones: It’s about that feeling like you’re lost, and then realizing there is something greater than us, that we can take comfort in.
The Hounds Of Anubis: It’s a metaphor for our fans, and our supporters as a whole, standing up against those who would seek to end what we’re doing or make it harder on us.

What could one expect from a live The Word Alive show on the Fearless Friends tour?
We’re constantly working to improve our live show, both by individual and group practice. We just want to have fun and facilitate the crowd who is PAYING for a great show, to have the most fun they can.

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to your band while out on the road?
Probably our vehicle troubles on our headlining tour earlier this year, we went through 9 different vehicles and just had the worst luck ever.

With two Warped Tours under your belt, what advice would you give a band about the go on Warped Tour next year for the very first time?
You have to be prepared for the hardest tour you will ever do. You could wake up and play within an hour, or you could wake up and realize you have to sit around all day long and play once everyone is super tired already, but still try to bring the energy. I think it’s an amazing tour that really helps bands to grow. It has done so much for our band.

Any chance of The Word Alive being on Warped Tour next year?
Being on it 2 years in a row, we’re hoping to take a year off and use this summer to work on expanding our fanbase to a different crowd. So that in 2013 we can come back, and join the Warped Tour once again, being the strongest our band has ever been. We will work hard and would love to continue our tradition of being involved with Warped Tour. Kevin and all of the staff have been really supportive of us, and we appreciate them a lot.

What is your definition of a Fearless Friend?
I guess someone who supports all the variety on the label, and supports what the bands are trying to do individually and as a whole.

Any messages for fans looking forward to making friends with you on the Fearless Friends tour?
Come find us, we love meeting new fans!


Introduce yourself, and tell me what you do in Motionless In White and where is your band based out of?
My name is Chris and I sing for Motionless In White. We’re based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Dunder Mifflin represent!!

What are you looking forward to the most about the Fearless Friends tour?
I’m really excited that we are finally touring with The Word Alive. They are great dudes and we’ve known them for a long time so to finally get to tour with them is pretty sweet.  Other than that, I’m just looking forward to playing some old songs to fans who have been asking for them.

Is there any story or concept behind the Creatures CD?
The basic meaning behind the record is that we wanted to do something that we could dedicate to our fans and give them a better acknowledgment. Creatures represents everything we do and the people that are a part of it. There’s no theme to the lyrics of the songs themselves except that they are all about personal interests or opinions of mine.

Select two songs from Creatures and what inspired the lyrics.
The 2 songs with the best story or inspiration would be Creatures and Immaculate Misconception. Creatures lyrics was entirely written by our fans via submission to me and then I selected the best that fit the song in my mind. Immaculate Misconception is about the fake, lying and profit seeking religious figures in the world today and it’s a call to arms to the people who have beliefs but are TRUE to those beliefs.

What could one expect from a live Motionless In White show?
Energy, Aggression and Open Mindedness

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to your band while out on the road?
We’ve had a lot of crazy shit happen. Not to long ago, we were parked at someone’s house and some old guy was banging on our door at 7am and woke us up by screaming that he was gonna call the cops and have us arrested for being parked in his development all because we had a sign on our door outside that said “don’t fucking knock” and a pentagram on it. Religious nutjobs… we get them a lot.

Who did the killer artwork for Creatures and how much input did you have on it?
Angelo our drummer is sort of the art director for our band and he took care of a lot of stuff for us dealing with the CD art. He didn’t exactly finalize it but I know he had a big part in it.

How difficult was it when TJ Bell left the band and do you still keep in touch with him? He was pretty much there since the beginning.
Tj didn’t leave the band. He was fired because he is an Alcoholic and was becoming a Drug addict. No Thanks. Some of the people in the band keep in touch with him. I don’t because he had many negative things to say about me since his departure. I’m not in highschool anymore. I don’t hate him and would definitely talk to him again but not if there would be any drama.

What is your definition of a Fearless Friend?
I think it’s just a name to give all the people involved in this. The bands, the label, the fans and the sponsors. it’s a family.

Any messages for fans looking forward to making friends with you on the Fearless Friends tour?
We’ll be at the merch table after Blessthefall is done playing.  Let’s get those high 5’s goin!


Introduce yourself, and tell me what you do in Chunk! No, Captain Chunk and where is your band based out of?
Hi, my name is Bertrand Poncet, but my friends call me Bert (that sounds better!), I sing in Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, but I also make all the samples and synthesizer tracks, and I produced the first release of our album called Something For Nothing.  Now, CNCC is a five piece band from Paris in France, formed in 2007.

What are you looking forward to the most about the Fearless Friends tour and is this your first full on tour in the States?
We are so excited about this tour. This is a great opportunity to tour the US with the bands of our label.  We are stoked to meet the guys from Blessthefall, The Word Alive, Motionless In White and Tonight Alive and I am pretty sure we will have so much fun with everyone.
Also, this tour is not our first US tour, we already toured the United States last summer with In Fear And Faith, Vanna and A Loss For Words on the Partery Tour. This one was organized by our management company The Artery Foundation, we had such a good time and we can’t wait to go back to the US.

What is the name of your current or upcoming album on Fearless Records and is there any story behind the title?
We re-released our first album called “Something For Nothing” through our label. The title of this record is actually related to the kind of music we are trying to do. “Something For Nothing” refers to a contrast between two opposite concepts and our music is a kind of compromise between two opposite genres, that is like indie and pop-punk mixed with hardcore and metal. This is a schizophrenic genre playing with the bright and the dark side.
Moreover, we thought it sounded good. Our band name is long and we didn’t want to write more than three words. We wanted people to remember the name easily so we chose these two contradictory words.
Also, when we wrote and recorded this album we didn’t expect anything from this, we were doing this for ourselves and we never thought that so many people would like it and share it all over the world.

Select two songs from your current/upcoming album and what inspired the lyrics.
Most of our lyrics were written after personal experiences. Others are about things we love or care for. We have two songs about our friends and brothers “In Friends We Trust” and “For All We Know“. We wanted to do this because CNCC is more than a band, it’s like a familly. We have amazing friends we love and we wanted to tell the world about it and dedicate them those songs because they deserve it! They helped us to grow up and to be what we are now, they never let us down. It’s maybe cliche to write songs about friendship but when it’s truly sincere, I don’t think it is.
Also, we have songs about things we love. For example, “Captain Blood” is about pirates and “Positiv-O” was originally inspired by Bender from Futurama.

What could one expect from a live Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Show?
In three words, it’s energetic, funny and posi. We just want the crowd to have a good time during our set. Also, I personnaly love to dress up on stage and we usually do funny introductions to prepare people to our set.

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to your band while out on the road?
We have so many funny tour stories, it would be impossible to tell what’s the best or the strangest… Here is a short list: Being robbed by a gang, waking up with 5 unknown naked men in the same bed, staying in a haunted house for the night, getting our van stolen with all our gear and stuff inside, and a lot of other crazy experiences that we just don’t remember, haha!
Anyway, life on tour is great!

Since Something For Nothing was originally released last year, how close is your band to writing and recording all new material?
We have been writting our next record for a long time and I can tell that we are almost done with the writting process now. This next record is a very big deal for us, we want to write the record of the year, haha! But yeah, we really want to make it big, so we took the time to write the best songs as we can. Also, it’s difficult for us to write lyrics in english. We don’t know when we will record yet but I am pretty sure it will be released next year.

What is your definition of a Fearless Friend?
A friend who has no fear! haha!

Any messages for fans looking forward to making friends with you on the Fearless Friends tour?
I’d say to everyone to come to meet us after the shows, we are always very glad to meet the fans and talk with them. It’s also a very good way for us to improve our english and learn more about the american way of life. It’s always a good experience.


THE FEARLESS FRIENDS TOUR featuring blessthefall, The Word Alive, Motionless In White, Tonight Alive and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!:
Nov 09 – Flagstaff, AZ @ The Orpheum
Nov 10 – Los Angeles, CA @ Roxy Theatre
Nov 11 – San Diego, CA @ Soma (Main Room)
Nov 12 – Pomona, CA @ Glasshouse
Nov 13 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
Nov 14 – Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
Nov 15 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Nov 16 – Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
Nov 18 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Sound
Nov 19 – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
Nov 20 – Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
Nov 21 – Minneapolis, MN @ Station Four
Nov 22 – Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
Nov 23 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
Nov 24 – Toronto, ON @ Opera House
Nov 25 – Montreal, QC @ La Tulipe
Nov 26 – New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
Nov 27 – Worcester, MA @ Palladium Upstairs
Nov 29 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls
Nov 30 – Cleveland, OH @ Peabodys
Dec 01 – Towson, MD @ Recher Theatre
Dec 02 – Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
Dec 03 – Richmond, VA @ Canal Club
Dec 04 – Charlotte, NC @ Amos’ Southerland
Dec 05 – Orlando, FL @ Club Firestone
Dec 06 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution
Dec 08 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
Dec 09 – Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
Dec 10 – St. Louis, MO @ Pop’s
Dec 11 – Tulsa, OK @ The Marquee
Dec 12 – Dallas, TX @ The Door
Dec 13 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
Dec 14 – San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
Dec 15 – El Paso, TX @ Open Gate Church
Dec 16 – Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre

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