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47d6ff03e8d944303812fb4f_360x360Feed Your Soul by Christa Wells (Self released CD)

Christa Wells is an exceptional singer / songwriter based out Raleigh, North Carolina, whose piano driven songs about hope and love are absolutely riveting. An award winning composer, in 2006 Wells was named Songwriter of the Year by the Gospel Music Association for Natalie Grant’s recording of Held, a heartbreaking and inspirational song about the loss of a baby boy. Since then, Christa’s own output has been continually impressive – and with the addition of Feed Your Soul, expect accolades galore to follow.

The artistry commences with the wondrously torchy inflections of Vanity Vanity, a lively cut that is sure to reel the listener in for the introspective journey ahead. The warm Have Your Eyes Open is up next, an intimate track in the grand tradition of early Joni Mitchell – a should-be hit single to be sure! This Thing Is Not Going To Break You is sweet and poignant, a powerful track of a couple persevering with grace in tough times.

christawells1Your house is full of unfinished rooms,” Christa Wells muses in the dynamic Shine, whose “Be the friend you never had” refrain is absolutely stirring. “Can I hold you as the flames grow higher?” the singer then proposes on the sweeping Come Close Now. The title track Feed Your Soul initiates near the halfway point, where Ms. Wells displays her wonderful knack for weaving captivating lyrics and alluring melodies.

A lot of work to be done here,” opens the reflective Renovate, opening the second half of the disc with thoughtful, and ultimately empowering words of wisdom and enlightenment. You Are My Defense is a testament of devotion with its eloquent “you are the light that’s calling me” sentiments. For My Child is beautifully expressive, and is sure to leave a lingering impression on anyone watching their children grow up.

The Way That You Love Me features a playful melody and romantic lyrics rendering this one a timeless valentine. “It takes a village, it takes your faith,” the artist observes on the expressive More Than I, followed by the cautiously optimistic strains of Being Loved, closing Feed Your Soul out on a gorgeously triumphant note.

Wistful and idealistic, articulate and contemplative, Feed Your Soul is sure to reawaken the hopeless romantic in even the most hardened of music critic. Fans of acts such as Natalie Merchant and Sarah McLachlan will discover a treasure trove of sonic delight when emerging themselves into the glorious tapestries of Christa Wells. What began as a Kickstarter program has emerged as one of the most engaging albums of the year. Be sure to check into Feed Your Soul by Christa Wells and prepare to be dazzled by the artful tunes and pensive and yet thoroughly honest lyrics.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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