The Feel This Tour at The Wiltern


Issuewiltern1Sleeping With Sirens, Memphis May Fire, Breathe Carolina, Issues at The Wiltern, October 17, 2013

Issues on Rise Records was the first band to go on for the Feel This Tour. There performance was nothing short of awesome! Opening up with a not so new, new song Hooligans, the band went as hard as ever while giving the crowd exactly what they came for. I always enjoy when the opening act has such a big following if not as big as the headliner. It always makes for a great show. Screamer Michael Bohn and Clean Vocalist Tyler Carter switched off vocals in such a smooth way that even people who don’t know their songs could understand and sing along. Playing their classic songs off their debut EP Black Diamonds such as Love, Sex, Riot and Kings Of Amarillo, they did not disappoint. Also, a new song by the name of Stingray Affliction was introduced, along with guitarist AJ Robello, bassist Skyler Accord, drummer Josh Manuel and lastly on the turntables Tyler Accord. The band brought a performance that is sure to bring them quite a following after this tour. I can’t wait to watch Issues as they grow into the monster of a band that they are becoming.

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Breathe Carolina

breathecarolinawiltern1I didn’t know what to expect when Breathe Carolina came on due to their second vocalist Kyle Even recently departing the band, but I was honestly overwhelmed with the intensity and crowd participation when they came on. From hardcore, to R&B, to techno, the intensity of their songs was vibrating the stage and room. Right when the first track Hello Fascination erupted, everyone was screaming the words and jumping around totally fixated with what was happening in front of them.

Vocalist David Schmitt sang with a crazy amount of passion in every lyric. His vocals were just as good as all of the other times I’ve seen them and honestly, it never gets old seeing the raw power of their entire set. To end their round of playing they closed with their hit song Blackout that got the biggest reaction of all. I would recommend seeing them at least once. You will not be disappointed.

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Memphis May Fire

mmfwiltern1Memphis May Fire has been a part of this scene for years. Since their birth, they’ve been bringing a new style and sound to the table. Opening up with the first track (Without Walls) off their most recent album Challenger, I’m sure they got the response they were hoping for. Vocalist Matty Mullins fed off the crowd participation during their hit track The Sinner off of the album The Hollow while singing lyrics such as “Digging a whole that I cant get out of, deeper and deeper below the surface”.

Sleeping With Sirens vocalist Kellin Quinn shared the stage for a moment during the song Miles Away, which is also featured in on the dynamic Challenger release.  The rest of the band, featuring Kellen McGregor (guitar), Cortez Elderado (bass), Jake Garland(Drums) and Anthony Sepe (Guitar), are some of the tightest and musical diverse musicians of today. The crowd participation was astounding as always and literally every lyric sung was just about screamed by the sold out venue. Memphis May Fire is sure to be dominating metal music for years to come.

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Sleeping With Sirens

SWSwitlern1Sleeping With Sirens, the headliner of the Feel This Tour, has been a fan favorite for numerous years and are still on top rocking the music scene. The anticipation was building all throughout the night just for them to come on! To open the night they played the second track (Here We Go) of their most recent album Feel, which erupted the crowd into a very loud frenzy! The coolest part of the show in my opinion was when Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire) came out and sang Congratulations with best friend Kellin Quinn (vocalist of SWS). The two vocalists built off the intensity of each other and gave everyone a very special treat.

Sleeping With Sirens hit song If I’m James Dean, and You’re Audrey Hepburn was switched up a little from the original version from their debut album With Ears To See and Eyes To Hear and played it Rasta Style. It made for a slower version that the crowd was sure to enjoy. With the recent departure of guitarist and background vocalist Jesse Lawson, D.R.U.G.S. guitarist Nick Martin had to fill in his shoes for the night. This didn’t stop the band consisting of Justin Hills on Bass, Gabe Barham on Drums, and Jack Fowler playing Lead Guitar from giving it all they had while playing the songs perfectly in rhythm.

To end the night, Sleeping With Sirens came back out and played a 3-song encore, which, I personally like when bands play long encores because it adds to the affect. People usually expect only ONE song so when they get three, it’s always a treat. Rapper MGK also came out and sang his part of the bands new song Alone. To end the night Kellin and crew played fan favorite If You Can’t Hang. From the first note, the crowd erupted into a very very LOUD chant of the words. It was definitely experience that was exhilarating to watch and I would most definitely try to catch them on at least one date of The Feel This Tour.

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(Review and Photos by Edward Brandon)


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