The Metal Messengers of Fit For A King

Fit For A King is a charismatic band whose dynamic mixture of metal and hardcore is absolutely intensive in scope.  From the Lone Star State, the band recently completed a headlining tour, which also featured the participation of My Ticket Home (Rise Records).  Amazingly unsigned, just don’t expect that to be a lasting status, especially if their debut self-release Descendants is indicative of even greater glories to come.   Guest appearances on the album are by none other than Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire and Jeremy Gray from Ivoryline.  Here is an interview we recently conducted with Fit For A King to find out more about their new album, touring as an unsigned act, their faith, and other topics.  Read on….

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Fit For A King, and how long the band has been together.
Hi, This is Justin and I play guitar in Fit For a King. We have been together for around 4 years.

Where is your band based out and what is your local music scene like there? Any local bands you could recommend?
We are based out of Tyler, TX and the local music scene there is pretty decent. It used to be pretty awesome but it’s slowly declined because of the lack of venues. There are quite a bit of local bands in the area. I would recommend checking out Flood Mercia and Of an Empire.

How has The Descendants Tour been going so far and what have been some of the highlights?
The Descendants tour has been pretty awesome so far! It’s had its ups and down as with any tour but its been pretty solid over all. The highlights have probably being able to hang with the dudes in My Ticket Home and checking out some new markets in the north, especially New Hampshire. The music scene there is amazing!

How much pressure has it been for an unsigned band to headline a cross country tour?
Being an unsigned band and headlining a tour is pretty hard and pretty stressful especially financially. It gets rough but we do our best to make ends meet and we have some pretty awesome friends and fans and that helps so so much.

Has there been any label interest? There must be! The CD is off the hook!
As far as label interest goes we have had a little but nothing major at the moment. Hopefully in the future we will get some more interest.

Is there any story or concept behind the Descendants title?
The story behind Descendants comes from the Bible. God sent His descendants to defend the earth from satan and to spread His word and we feel that is what we were put on this earth to do and that’s exactly what we wanted to do with this album.

Please select any two Fit For A King songs and what inspired the lyrics?
Two of my favorite songs on the album are “Messenger Messenger” and “Unchanging“. The lyrics from Messenger were inspired by what we feel we are called to do as a band by God. We feel we are put here to be His messengers and to spread His word and love. “Unchanging” was inspired the chances we have to express the love and word of God to. There will always be people that we feel we should have talked to more about our lifestyle and what we believe and do what we do and why. There will always be people in this world that are unchanging.

How did Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire become involved with the song The Architect, and what was it like working with him?
Matt Mullins became involved in “The Architect” because we have been friends with those guys in Memphis May Fire for some time now and we just felt he fit the part in that song so well and he is an amazing vocalist. It was great working with him! He’s such a great guy and his band is amazing as well please go support them!

How did Jeremy Gray from Ivoryline wind up on the song Parellels?
Jeremy Gray is also another amazing vocalist! I actually filled in guitar for Ivoryline and have known Dusty Kittle for some years and we are all from the same town and kind of got into the scene in Tyler looking up to those guys. Jeremy was super stoked to do the song as were we to have him in it!

What could one expect from a live Fit For A King show?
Our live show is very energetic and we try to get as intimate with the crowd as we can! We love to have fun and just play our hearts out. If you come out to show be ready to dance and sing and have the time of your life.

Any strange or unusual touring stories you could share?
We have sooo many tour stories I wouldn’t even know where to begin! The most memorable one is probably when our trailer tire fell off and rolled past us as we were driving 70 mph down a highway and ramped a hill and flew into a house. It was pretty insane!

Have you ever played in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in the future?
We have not played in Los Angeles yet unfortunately. We def plan to come to the west coast as soon as we can!

What advice would you give an unsigned band about to attempt going on the road for the very first time?
Some advice I would give to some unsigned bands going on tour is keep your head up! Don’t get discourage because the shows aren’t the best or what you think they will be. Just do what you love and if your heart is in it and you are doing it for the right reasons everything will fall in place. Its a crazy lifestyle, living in a van with 4 to 6 other guys, not showering, not eating well, and sleeping in a van night after night or on a floor but the experience is like no other.

On your Facebook, you describe your music as Christian/Metal/Hardcore. Would you consider Fit For A King a Christian band or ministry? Why or why not?
We consider our band Christian band as well as ministry based. We take pride in spreading the word of Jesus Christ and we want the world to know that. We are not here to shove anything down anybody’s throat but we can reach to out to at least one person a night or through our music it makes what we do even better. That is the whole reason we are a band. To play music for God and to spread His word constantly.

Any final words of wisdom?
Please spread the word about our band and feel free to hit us up on Facebook or personally and talk to us! We love to meet new people and fans and talk about anything! We try to respond to everything and everybody so don’t be shy! Thank you to all our fans!! And thank you for the this interview!

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Fit For A King on Facebook

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  1. Joseph 8 years ago

    You guys are inspiring; keep it up!

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