Like walking through wintery landscapes – Finnr’s Cane sign with Prophecy Productions

With their atmospherically gripping debut album “Wanderlust,” the Canadian band Finnr’s Cane have recently fascinated and enthused lovers of wintery soundscapes somewhere between mighty offshoots of traditionally grim Black Metal and sublime Post Rock. This unusual trio which replaces the bass guitar with a cello is going to take its unconventional musical jaunts supported by Prophecy Productions in the future, as the musicians have signed a contract on five albums.

In their intuitive, epic tracks, the musicians of Finnr’s Cane intertwine bitter-cold riffs with gorgeous melodies, Black Metal frenzy with ambient-like atmospheric rock, only following their infallible instinct for exciting soundscapes far from well-worn paths. All these features will be apparent in April, when a new edition of the rarely available “Wanderlust” with enhanced artwork will be released. After that, the band is going to concentrate on recording their second album. May the wild songs of Finnr’s Cane invite all those who are adventuresome on an ecstatic trip through scenarios of snow and ice that are as impressive as they are deadly, a trip that you won’t be forgetting soon…!

Finnr’s Cane Homepage
Finnr’s Cane @ Facebook
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