The Wright Stuff presents First Quarter Of Music In Review

The Wright Stuff presents First Quarter Of Music In Review

Alison Moyet
Cooking Vinyl Records/Metropolis Records
For the release of this live album, you have to go back into 2014 with the release of her last album which was The Minutes. The Minutes was hugely well received. The Minutes was an uplifting piece of work that had songs that got you taping along and some that moved you from the emotional sides as well. This has been translated now into his Live album experience. Include amongst the songs from The Minutes, it also covers a good amount of Alison Moyet’s earlier solo and Yaz repertoires. Sadly enough Alison Moyet was supposed to be the opening act for Culture Club 2015 tour but with Boy George throat vocal problems that got canceled. Wouldn’t mind seeing Alison tour again to promote this Live album maybe doing it in smaller venue settings would have been nice. With this you can really get a feel of the soul that Alison puts into her shows. Alison enhances every feeling of the songs that she performs. The picture on the back cover gives you a little insight to the intensity of her work. Hopefully it won’t take the waiting for another great album before we get to hear the soulful vocals of Alison Moyet in our own live presence again. For those who are collectors of Alison Moyet CD’s, there is a singles 2 disc collection out that has a second disc which is also a live recording of Alison’s earlier material. Happy hunting to find some of Alison Moyet’s singles they sometimes have other live recordings on them as well. When she played here in Los Angeles at Club Nokia Alison performed for over an hour and 45 minute show. Maybe next time a live DVD as well?

Kate Pierson
Lazy Meadow Music
Kate Pierson has been a great partner for the front of the group The B-52’s for decades. Kate Pierson has given her vocal talents to work with Iggy Pop for the single Candy and also has shared her great vocals with R.E.M single Shiny Happy People in the past decade or so. Now this time around Kate has got a first time solo release of her own. Even though in her mid-60s, Kate Pierson is sounding still like a 20 something sharp soprano version of herself on this release. Kate Pierson got some help from Sia Furler, who co-wrote some of the songs and who is credited as executive producer. Kate Pierson also got some help from guest guitarist Nick Valensi from The Strokes’ who provides some riffs on this album. Being punchy and playful, Kate Pierson shows a lot of herself in this kind of demeanor and it helps rock the album even more. The album won’t Pull You Under like Rock Lobster did and capture you in its claws, nor will it let you get lost in its Guitars And Microphones either. Instead you get a simple pop album with a dash of crunchy guitar riffs that let you glide along with Kate Pierson’s amazing vocal talents. Some of the other great songs on here are Mister Sister and the great opening number Throw Down The Roses. Catch The B-52’s on tour this summer playing with The English Beat at The Orange California County Fair in August.

The End Records
Black Is the New Black is the first album since 2012’s Invisible Stars. Everclear is best known for their multitude of radio hits, as well as starting the Summerland yearly concert tour which really showed off the Invisible Stars album. Finding its way onto The End Records might come as a surprise. However, the first few tracks on Black Is The New Black showcases that pounding darker metal punches. You know the ones that are felt by Metallica, for example, like in the metal genre. Art though leads us up into his emotional troubled youth and abuse throughout the album. Everclear shines in the choruses in a more alternative catchy sound that Everclear seems to have a strong intentions grounding us in and does it really well. This is definitely a hard hitting guitar record with no ballads on this either. Everclear is known for it’s Bombing, hard driving rock n’ roll with memorable hooks propel a slight looking into of lead vocalist Art Alexakis autobiographical exorcism narrative story reveling Art’s true emotional self through each song on here. Everclear’s new studio album, Black Is The New Black, is at times somewhat a tingle melodic so it doesn’t feel like a threat but rather like a rare opening thorough sound from this driven united intense band. At an average of three-minutes each, the songs rip forward with swagger. That swagger is accented by Art Alexakis. Thanks for such a deep look Alex and great to see you made it through deep hell and are rising up against abuse. This is a good example record that crosses over both from metal to alternative to pop with ease. Song of the outstanding tracks are American Monster, The Man Who Broke His Own Heart, Complacent, You and Simple And Plain to name a few. Enjoy good solid rock here it won’t let you down.

The Tiki Creeps
Dick Dale better move over because this band knows how to slash through surf music. You’ll earn a shredded taste from the guitar snarls that happens in this fast paced music. Some classic snips and cuts drifts are heard, but all in all aggressive guitar work is throughout the entire CD. At times it flips through 1950’s surf rockabilly sound but then you are getting thrashed around like a big wave crashed right onto you. This wave of motion can be felt with the blaring grinding guitars and it feels as if you’re being throwing and twisting. If you are driving fast or if you need something to keep you away or your looking to down a beer quick put this CD on. For more info

Lisa Donahey
From 1930’s through 2002 you will find classic gems from classic Broadway show tunes covered by a nice smooth soprano voice. Here songs from such classics as Nine Fifteen Review all the way through till Wicked. So of the versions that realy stand out are Get Happy, On The Street Where You Live, I’m Not That Girl and Send In The Clowns. This is something you can put on at a party gathering with friends when you need some great background low playing music that is also kind of familiar to the ear. For more info visit

Band Of Bears
These guys are sure to rock you world, bringing on the fun and good times. The tunes are catchy and playful at the same time. The most interesting thing about this band is that they might be seen and heard at a Gay Pride Festival in Europe. However, this is the bands second release and there is one particular song that is actually radio friendly for all people to enjoy. The great new pop song that radio should be playing is called Let’s Have A Party. Fun up beat alternative 80’s sound. Other great catchy songs on here also are Shining Like A Young Star, Killer Love. Get It On, Give Me A Chance, Under My Skin and Come On, Go On. For more info on this band check out

Well summer is soon approaching and The Vans Warped Tour is coming around near you. So get out there and support the music festivals and great concert venues this summer. See ya at a show.

(All Reviews by Jonathan D. Wright)


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