Front Line Assembly

Improvised, Electronic, Device by Front Line Assembly (Metropolis Records)

Excellent production on this one. You hear unexpected structures, chaos even, and it’s easy to be immersed in the dark atmospheres on this release. When you hear songs like Laws Of Deception or Angriff, my body starts to move. Undoubtedly the best thing they’ve done. With a full band now on board (as well as guests from 3 Inches of Blood and Ministry), there’s also a renewed interest in drum programming and chugging metal sounding guitars. Attempts to produce anthems with a more epic emotional dimension, including an increased emphasis on sung choruses, are effective on this CD. At least the songs drawing from Bill Leeb’s family history feel more sincere this time around. The band still takes risks to produce music in line with their current interests. Of course, they’re still leagues above most of their industrial label mates in the same field.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)


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