LP1037_RECHTS_tem_de.pdfDromers by Fluisteraars (Eisenwald)

Dromers by Fluisteraars may only contain three tracks, but at 35 minutes in length, the Dutch collective unleash an extraordinary sonic journey well worth undertaking. The artistry found within is nothing short of mesmerizing, presenting black metal at its most somber and expressive. There is true adventure and intrigue to be found within the sweeping soundscapes of Dromers – bleak and oppressive yet thoroughly ambitious in scope. Fans of bands such as Agalloch and Wolves In The Throne Room should invest some time within the vast halls of Dromers, and prepare to be richly rewarded by the intricate darkness at hand.

The epic commences with the expansive refrains of De Doornen, a 16-minute magnum opus fluisband1that will shatter the senses with its opaque magnificence. Kuddedier then collides into the realm of your senses, weaving a majestic wall of bleakness and desolation that is wondrous to behold. Wortels Van Angst closes out Dromers with its enigmatic sense of urgency.

Dromers by Fluisteraars is absolutely captivating – a grand masterwork from the underground unleashed by a trio of visionary musicians. Brought to the world at large via the Eisenwald label, all adventurous types looking for an adventure in sound should surely navigate the immense yet austere world of Dromers by the prodigious Fluisteraars. (Editor’s Note: “Fluisteraars” is Dutch for “Whisperers”.)

(Review by Ken Morton)

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