The Infectiously Venomous Sounds of Famous Last Words

Now signed to InVogue Records, Famous Last Words present a wildly infectious brand of melodic rock laced with screamo/hardcore inflections that should excite many a music fan.  They’ve recently opened for the likes of Hawthorne Heights, and have released their own debut EP entitled Pick Your Poison.  With tunes that will linger in your head long after the music spins to its dynamic conclusion, Famous Last Words is sure to secure a rabid fan base in no time at all.  Here is an interview we conducted with vocalist JT to uncover the wonderfully venomous sounds of Famous Last Words.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Famous Last Words, and how long the band has been together.
My name is JT, I’m the vocalist of Famous Last Words. I started the band about three years ago, but have only had the lineup we have now for about half a year. Since we started we have gone through numerous member and name changes until we found the perfect lineup that makes up Famous Last Words today.

Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
The band is based out of Petoskey MI. It’s not a huge town so we don’t get many bands through here, but when we do, it gets pretty wild. Here are two of my favorite local bands to play with;
She Screams of Royalty:

How did you wind up signing to InVogue Records?
Nick from InVogue hit up our management with an offer. We looked over it and thought about it a bit and finally decided to sign. So far working with InVogue Records has been a great positive experience and we are really happy with the decision we made to sign.

Select two songs from your EP Pick Your Poison and what inspired the lyrics.
Two of my favorite songs lyric wise off the EP are “Labyrinth” and “Starting Over“. Both of those songs are probably not about what you may think they are about. All the lyrics off Pick Your Poison are written very vaguely so that anybody can interpret them many different ways. The songs could mean one thing to someone, and something completely different to another person.

Who produced Pick Your Poison and what was it like working with them?
We recorded Pick Your Poison with Cameron Mizel at Chango Studios in Orlando , FL. Working with Cameron was an awesome experience. He’s an extremely talented producer who helped us take our music to the next level.

What could one expect from a live Famous Last Words show?
If you were to go to a Famous Last Words show, you should expect to hear what’s on the CD, with all the energy and excitement that comes with it. Although many bands can’t always pull off their music live, we find a way to.

Has Famous Last Words ever played in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in the future?
We still have yet to play in the Los Angeles area, but we plan to head out that was really soon, so stay updated on our tour dates on the bands Facebook.

What kind of touring have you done so far, and do you have any interesting road stories you could share?
In the past year we have done a few east coast tours and we did a tour in Canada. Touring is a love hate relationship. Can be great and fun at times, but tough at the same time. It’s a lot of work and you have to make sure you get along with the rest of your bandmates or there will be problems. My favorite tour story is from our last tour in Canada . Craig and Ethan were sleeping in the van all wasted, and an Ontario cop came up to the van. Best part of the story is that Craig thought it was me messing with him and told the cop to “Fuck Off”

What was it like opening for Hawthorne Heights and who are some of the bigger bands you have opened for?
It’s always fun to go to a show and see a band play songs you’re familiar with. It’s even more fun when you get the privilege of sharing the stage with that band. We’ve shared the stage with Hawthorne Heights , Jamie’s elsewhere, My Ticket Home, These Hearts, Icon for Hire, and many more.

How close are you to recording a full length album and how will it compare to what’s heard on Pick Your Poison?
At the moment, we are in the process of writing our first full length album. The CD has the same epic and catchy sound that Pick Your Poison brought to the table, but with a new more interesting twist. We will be recording the CD with Nick Sampson and Joey Sturgis in May, so I’m expecting it to be a killer album.

Why should someone rush out right now and buy a copy of Pick Your Poison?
Well if you like catchy hooks, energetic beats, and heavy breakdowns, then you should probably go get Pick Your Poison ASAP.

Any final words of wisdom?
Life’s to short to not have a good time, whether you remember it or not.”

Famous Last Words is:
JT – Vocals
Ethan Osborn – Lead Guitar
Craig Simons – Drums
Tyler Myklebust- Guitar
Jesse Maddy – Bass

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Famous Last Words on Facebook


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