Flogging Molly

Live At The Greek Theater by Flogging Molly (SideOneDummy Records)

As anyone who has seen Flogging Molly knows, they are a fantastic live band. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing them on various occassions, at the Warped Tour and at the Wiltern Theater. Los Angeles’ Greek Theater is a fine location to see Flogging Molly, under the stars during the summer months. But you need room to dance and seated venues, even when the seats go up, aren’t conducive to the energy fans must release when at a Flogging Molly concert. Regardless, on CD you can make your own dance floor when listening to the Celtic-tinged punk of Flogging Molly. FM singer Dave King is the fair-skinned and red-haired master of ceremonies, self-deprecating and good-natured, fueled by Guinness and familial love, for the band and for the fans. FM would be better represented on DVD, all the better to get the full interaction, the band dressed to the nines, sweat and smiles pouring from the stage and the jig-dancing audience.

Focusing heavily on the crowd-pleasing rave-ups they excel at, starting out with The Likes of You Again, Swagger with its banjo/fiddle/dancing beat, and super-catchy Requiem for a Dying Song, Flogging Molly get the show going strong. The band slow down every now and again, These Exiled Years gets the audience yelling for their manager playing trumpet and Bridget Regan’s fiddle performance shines on Us of Lesser Gods.

Flogging Molly’s endless energy, playing chops, Regan’s fiddle and tin whistle, Bob Schmidt’s Celtic instruments and King’s humor and superb songwriting make them the premiere live band. So put on Live at the Greek Theater, grab a case of Guinness Stout and some friends for a few hours of unforgettable music and stories.

(Review by Bret Miller)

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