to release FOREFATHER’s “Last of the Line” for the USA, under license from the band’s label, Seven Kingdoms, will release FOREFATHER’s sixth studio album for the USA in July of this year.

FOREFATHER has a very extensive and successful back catalog with some of their prior work having been released by the, now-defunct, Hammerheart Records. The band is known for their unique approach toward what might categorize them as folk-metal. However, “Last of the Line” is clearly inspired not only by the native folk traditions of the UK, but also by elements of black metal, traditional metal and melodic metal. All styles shine through on “Last of the Line” as it captivates the listener and draws one into a journey that is both epic in scope and emotive in character.

Last of the Line” is certainly a stellar follow-up to their previous album, “Steadfast,” which received high marks from Terrorizer Magazine, Zero Tolerance Magazine and other esteemed sources in the metal community.

Order “Last of the Line,” now from Metalhit or find it at your local metal-carrying music store or online. http://metalmaniacs.bigcartel. com/product/forefather-last- of-the-line

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