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The Revolution by For The Foxes (Hopeless Records)

From signing with Hopeless Records to an actual release of an EP, it took awhile before we heard anything substantial from For The Foxes. A compilation track here and a single there, just to give the listener a preview of perhaps what would be in store for the band in future days. And now The Revolution has marched up to its release date, and it’s guaranteed to thrill all musical types with its wildly exhilarating songs. The band is clearly developing a sound that is all their own, and on The Revolution, they transcend what is classically known as pop-punk, and the results are nothing short of triumphant. Based out of Barnegat, New Jersey, it won’t be long until For The Foxes imprint their tracks all across the nation.

The Revolution launches into high gear with Sinking Like A Stone, complete with fuzzy guitars and a vibrant chorus where vocalist Nick Dungo sings / screams “Love is such a losing game” with a fiery, all out passion. The title track The Revolution is a soon to be classic melodic punk song, with its clever lyrics and driving rock and roller beats that will make you want to gleefully sing along. An unexpected explosion of kaleidoscopic sound!

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Kids Too Young is spiraling and impassioned, once again demonstrating a fine knack for poignant lyrics and dazzling melodies. Moonlight Ride is a sonic journey that is sure to tickle and dazzle the senses.

The River is pensive and reflective, with Dungo crooning, “Lay down so I won’t feel so sick, get lost and dream Los Angeles,” and other poignant sentiments, rendering a stunning ballad of grand proportions. And then closing the EP out is the hot and danceable strains of Easy Way, sounding like a mix of The Police and The Jam colliding rambunctiously into the 21st century.

The resourceful For The Foxes lineup consists of Nick Dungo on vocals, Jimmy Brindley on guitar, Danny Vassallo on drums, Mikey Ballou on guitar, and Jonathan Brunner on bass. The Revolution has definitely been worth the wait, short but very sweet, and absolutely whetting the appetite for even more For The Foxes tunage. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait another two years to hear from this up and coming collective. For something completely refreshing and infectiously rebellious, be sure to enlist into the glorious sounds of The Revolution by For The Foxes.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. allan abraham martinez isaac 7 years ago

    for the foxes are a great band

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