Forever Vicious, My Original Sin

Joseph Vernaza of Forever Vicious

Joseph Vernaza of Forever Vicious

Forever Vicious, My Original Sin, Cobalt Café, April 27, 2013

One of the things I most admire about the Cobalt Café is their absolute willingness to support the local music scene and give novice bands out there a chance to put on a show. Without losing your shirt with highly priced presale tickets, these newbies can go in and, for better or for worse, play their hearts out to their family, friends, and other onlookers.  On a Saturday night, the Cobalt opened its doors to several local acts seeking their fame and fortune. We arrived to review two of them. Just to say right away, these were first shows for both bands, and their performances were far from perfect. But there is so much to be said for passion and ingenuity – something all the musicians of Forever Vicious and some of the members of My Original Sin possess. There is some constructive criticism in this article, so readers proceed with caution…

My Original Sin

My Original Sin

My Original Sin

The first band we caught was My Original Sin, a very young collective from the San Fernando Valley. Seven members jammed packed the Cobalt Café stage.  And while it appeared to be tight, My Original Sin launched into their set of dark metal. I am all for the isolation to be found within primitive black metal, which may have been an influence on My Original Sin. Judging by the band shirts most of the members were wearing, I’m not sure Burzum or Darkthrone is what the My Original Sin was going after. Whitechapel would be a more credible comparison, but in order to land into that elusive category, you need a drummer that kicks ass – and this one was tentative at best. The dual vocal assaults of Noah Martynstien and Angel Cervantes made for an exciting presentation, both exuding a good deal of conviction in their performances. If all the members would share the enthusiasm the two front men exuded, we would certainly start to see My Original Sin develop into something as intriguing as their moniker. Their friends and family showed a good deal of support, and it’s always wonderful to see that happen. When all is said and done, there is a lot to admire about a young band laying it on the line so early in the game. We will definitely check in again with My Original Sin in the near future.

Forever Vicious

Duncan McCullough of Forever Vicious

Duncan McCullough of Forever Vicious

Another up and coming band from the San Fernando Valley playing their first ever show was Forever Vicious. There was a good deal of nervous energy emitting from the stage, but this only made for a more exhilarating set. Opening with Such Great Heights – a cover song originally by local heroes ConfideForever Vicious spun their own relentless take into the proceeding tune. The band’s own original songs would prove to compelling – First Steps, Final Moments, and Family really gained the audience’s attention. The dual vocal performances were the definite standout of the show. Screamer Joseph Vernaza exudes a good deal of presence and charisma, delivering a performance that was both passionate and enigmatic. Duncan McCullough made for a sharp contrast, unleashing his own brand of vibrant intensity on clean vocals. The musicianship found within Forever Vicious shows a good deal of promise, with credits going to Harley Woolston on guitar, Elmer Martinez on guitar, Dillon Ruzin on bass, and Nick Schneider on drums. There is little doubt that most of the members of Forever Vicious take what they do seriously, and they are going to be an incredible to watch in the months to come. The ending was nothing short of disastrous however, but with the unpredictability first shows often have, it definitely goes with the territory. Once they have the kinks all worked out and more songs added to their set, expect Forever Vicious to be unstoppable. Stay tuned…

(Review and My Original Sin photo by Kenneth Morton – Forever Vicious photos by Talia Farber)

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  1. BITW2012 5 years ago

    I heard My Original Sin got a new drummer and I know him! Their new drummer is Edwin Villalobos and he’s sick and powerful at drums so I bet they are gonna be awesome at their next show!!! 😀

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