Bruised But Not Broken

Fragmentrev1Fragment by Bruised But Not Broken (Standby Records)

Their debut EP for Standby Records, Just(Defied), oozed with passion and promise, leaving the listener wanting to hear a whole lot more.   And now with their full length effort Fragment, Bruised But Not Broken explodes into the stratosphere with a shattering collection of songs that will surely captivate the senses. Complete with heartfelt lyrics displaying an intriguing sense of urgency, Fragment is a sonic puzzle of post hardcore intricacies well worth piecing together. The discoveries found within this emotional roller coaster ride of an album are vastly rewarding.

This is a voiced generation, our stance you will not break,” the lyrics announce on the triumphant Enter(Fear), a pulsating cut that will make the listener want to take on the world. Bruised But Not Broken has surely written an anthem for a generation with this topnotch composition. Color Theory then arrives, further enrapturing the listener with its thoughtful lyrics and mesmerizing musical interludes.

bruisedbutnot2014Euthogy haunts your psyche with its piercing refrains followed by the fiery strains of Devil’s List fanning the flames of deep contemplation rendered through a mighty collage of soundtrack.  The Prodigal Brother exhibits rebelliousness and individuality with highly emotional vocals sending this one through the roof. One them swims through the murky waters of Dead Current Sea, with its hard hitting “If only I could hate my pride, half as much as I used to hate myself” sentiments reverberating throughout.

Mourning Glory is dazzling in its sheer technical brutality, grabbing one by the throat and tossing them into the nearest mosh pit of destruction. The Third Heaven then supplies a cathartic reprieve before exploding into its own impassioned beast when the rousing lyrics kick in halfway through.

If ignorance is bliss, then bring me a crown, and I’ll burn this kingdom down” is the thrilling call to arms on Days Of The Weak, once again showing Bruised But Not Broken’s penchant for fearlessly laying it all on the line. Babel Orchestra then ferociously closes out Fragment, leaving a decidedly indelible impression with its expansive presentation swirling throughout your senses.

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, it won’t be long until Bruised But Not Broken make a name for themselves all across the country – especially if the powerful Fragment is indicative of greater glories ahead. With intelligent, thought provoking lyrics and a thrilling tapestry of sound, the band has clearly positioned themselves to make a connecting with fans looking for depth within their music collections.

The resourceful Bruised But Not Broken membership consists of Hudson Hower on vocals, Josh Rhodes on guitar, Trevor Floyd on guitar, Zac Johnson on bass, and Matt Bentley on drums. Fragment was solidly produced by Drew Fulk, bringing out the very best in what this band has to offer. With Fragment, Bruised But Not Broken has staked their claim in an otherwise overcrowded genre, and has unleashed an inspiring collection of songs that will absolutely take your breath away.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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