FRAMES Unveils Album Art and Tracklisting for “IN VIA”

German art rock/alternative band FRAMES are in the studio to complete work on their second album In Via with engineer Arne Borchard.

IN VIA” is set to be released on April 23rd (Europe) / April 24th (N. America) / April 20th (GSA) via Steamhammer/SPV and will be available as a 6 page CD Sleeve Pak and Double Gatefold LP incl. 180g vinyl, printed inners leeves and CD version in paper sleeve.

FRAMES have also unveiled the cover and tracklisting for In Via as well as a new band logo. The artwork and the new logo was created by FRAMES drummer Kiryll Kulakowski.

1 Entrance
2 Departure
3 Encounter
4 Calm Wisdom
5 Stir
6 Reflections
7 Eris
8 Don’t Stay Here
9 End Of A Decade
10 Coda

FRAMES IN VIA Tour 2012\
27.04.12 D – Hannover @ Indiego Glocksee (+ VIOLENT GIRLS & HERMELIN)
01.05.12 D – Dresden @ Societaetstheater (+ CLAIM)

as special guest for ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN & Kill Ferelli
11.05.12 D – Worpswede @ Music Hall
12.05.12 D – Hamburg @ Knust
13.05.12 D – Reichenbach @ Bergkeller
14.05.12 D – Nürnberg @ Hirsch
15.05.12 D – Augsburg @ Spectrum
16.05.12 D – Aschaffenburg @ Colos-Saal
17.05.12 D – Oberhausen @ Zentrum Altenberg
18.05.12 F – Strasbourg @ La Laiterie
19.05.12 CH – Pratteln @ Galery
20.05.12 F – Paris @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge
21.05.12 F – Rennes @ L’Ubu
22.05.12 F – Toulouse @ Le Bikini
23.05.12 ES – Madrid @ Caracol
24.05.12 ES – Barcelona @ Razz 2
25.05.12 F – Montpellier @ Secret Place
26.05.12 I – Milano @ Bloom
28.05.12 A – Wien @ Szene
29.05.12 SVK – Bratislava @ Randal Club
30.05.12 HU – Budapest @ Club 202
01.06.12 PL – Poznan @ Pod Minoga
24.-26.08.12 D-Hannover – Boot Boo Hook Festival

FRAMES INFO:FRAMES are back with their second album, In Via and one immediately hears that after five years of existence, they’ve stayed true to their unique sound. It’s a difficult sound to describe, even enter looking through all the niches, corners and boxed in genres we all know. With a true players ease, huge guitar riffs turn into romantic melodies, driving drums travel through dark mists to find a ray of sunshine, soft piano sequences dance up an ever-building foundation until they form the perfect storm. Chapter for chapter, song for song, strings of emotion form a network to become personal stories – either real of fictional – where listeners can form an individual soundtrack for their own mental picture. The band’s only goal – to give it a Frame.

In Via is the developmental follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut album “mosaik“. Recorded in Hannover at Institut für Wohklangforschung, they’ve tested and reached new boundaries. Complex songs full of little details make a rich, unique sound that grows and grows and is quintessentially Frames – totally instrumental and just outside the mainstream.

“Meyer is talented and the band is great – The Beginning is richly anthemic, ISP builds in intensity to enthralling effect and Driving Head sounds like a single, minus the sing.”

“For the times of reflection between the riffs and the roars “mosaik” is haunting perfection. Frames can take you to musical places that you’ll never want to leave and show you sights that become more captivating every time you visit their world.”

“A smidgen of Oceansize, a tadge of Steven Wilson and a healthy smattering of Pure Reason Revolution (The Dark Third). This certainly is to be recommended as a sterling debut from an exceptionally talented young band.”

Feature: “On The Verge: Artists you should know about.”

“In a time when we are constantly being told that albums are an endangered species and that all we need is a digital player that houses “songs”, it is a wonderful thing to stumble across an album that is exactly that. An Album – with a capital A.”

“So many bands try hard to do what Frames do so wonderfully in their music. They truly speak with their music even though it’s in an instrumental format. If you’re a fan of music that strays off of the beaten, conventional path then Frames’ Mosaik is highly recommended.”



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