Friend Slash Lover

As American As Ones And Zeros by Friend Slash Lover (Independent EP)

The As American As Ones And Zeros EP brings the future into a brighter color scheme. This happens by mixing in art and music together, drawing from equal parts of post modern Radiohead and Garage industrial rhythmic drum pop.

Bands like the Glove Bunnies, Euphonic Richochet, and Faith Assembly gave us glimpses into this world in the 80’s. Until now Depeche Mode has cleverly presented this, but now Friend Slash Lover has broken into the indie scene and has clashed the two mediums together.

Already just from their EP, a new mix of their music is floating around and soon will be playing in dance clubs or heard in movies I am sure real soon. This California native band is something to drive around with or to try and dance too all at the same time. A full length is currently in the mix and due out so watch for it.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)

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