For Today at Fight The Silence Tour 2013

fortoday2013For Today, Fight The Silence Tour 2013, The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA, February 15, 2013

For Today had an awesome set! The whole Fight the Silence tour was full of really great bands, whom were all also very helpful. For Today’s van, trailer, and a lot of their equipment was stolen from their hotel parking lot on the night of February 9th in San Antonio, TX. They did not miss a single show, they rented out two rental cars and kept going. As for their equipment, some of the other bands lent their gear so For Today could still play. These are some lucky dudes, they were blessed to be touring with such helpful, generous people.

Their set was awesome, and the crowd was wild, for the time I was in the photo pit (first two-three songs) a security guard was nice enough to stand in back of me so I wouldn’t get hit by an incoming crowd-surfer. It was basically non-stop crowd-surfers throughout their whole set. I honestly love their music, but I’m not too wild on the lyrics, though I really respect the lyrics.

I love how they influence their religion with their heavy, technical music, and their meaningful, preaching lyrics. It’s hard to find people who still care about their religion these days, most people are just agnostic or atheist or something. And to find a band that cares about religion is even harder, most things we listen to, for instance, Suicide Silence’s song No Pity For A Coward, Mitch says, “Can your god save you now?”. He’s implying that you can’t rely on god, or something of that matter. Whereas in For Today’s song, The King, they put a clip of Bill Johnson saying, “Christ, He remains the message, he remains the standard. There is no other purpose for my life, but to follow him and make him known.” Not the best example, but they’re trying to say he brought you here, so you should follow him.

Mattie was preaching to crowd as well, saying a lot of things about God and religion, and how it’s all for the better of you. I really appreciated that, although I’m not a religious follower, it was inspirational. I love the fact that he’s trying to help keep religion alive, but through this powerful music. Everyone was so happy, and just so pumped and wild. For Today really got the crowd going!

(Review and Photo by Talia Farber)

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