Galvanized Souls at Vans Warped Tour in Ventura

Galvanized Souls1_1200x900Meet Galvanized Souls, a rocking band from the Camarillo area in Southern California.  After having recently won an Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands compe-tition, Galvanized Souls found them-selves performing a set at the iconic Vans Warped Tour in Ventura.  Unleashing a few cuts from their Self-Titled debut on Rockerazzi Records as well as some new songs, it was infinitely clear that Galvanized Souls was making a good amount of new fans as well as impressing the many attendees already familiar with the charasmatic collective.  Just after their exhilarating performance, we caught up with the four members of Galvanized Souls to find out more about this band on the rise and their tremendously memorable tunes.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Galvanized Souls and what’s the most embarrassing song you have on your iPod?
Chris: Hey, I’m Chris and the most embarrassing song on my iPod would probably be Britney Spears, “Circus.”

Zakk: I’m Zakk, I’d say the most embarrassing song on my iPod is an old original that I wrote called “Liar” that sounds really bad because I was 6 when I sang it.

Nice, that’s the first time someone has chosen their own song. Cool.
Kevin: The most embarrassing song on my iPod. “ET” by Katy Perry. That’s not that bad. But when you’re driving down in Los Angeles and you have your windows down and you’re blasting Katy Perry and you have colored hair, people look at you differently.

Matthew: This is Matthew, the most embarrassing song on my iPod would have to be KeshaTick Tock.”

When are you guys from and what’s your local music scene like?
Zakk: We are from Camarillo, CA and our local music scene – there’s only one venue in Camarillo, it’s called Rock City Studios, which is actually where we formed.

IMG_6957How did you end up on Warped Tour?
Zakk: We were doing Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Bands and we got picked to come play Warped Tour.

How does that feel, to know you’ve won over all these other bands?
Zakk: It feels pretty good. It’s cool because there’s a lot of talented musicians out there and to know we were able to get here is really a compliment to us, it makes us feel better about ourselves knowing that we’re more noticeable.

Chris: Warped Tour is like a dream come true gig. It’s absolutely amazing to be able to get picked and play on Warped Tour.

Kevin: It’s truly an honor to be playing here. It’s always been a dream of ours to play a show here. I remember a couple of years back, I was looking up at the stage and I was watching the drummer play and was like, dude – I’d kill to be up there. I dont want to be down here anymore. I want to be up there. Now that we’re here, we actually did it. It just shows that dreams really do come true. You can live the dream, you just have to stick to it. It’s been phenomenal, this whole experience.

Select two songs you played today, what inspired the lyrics?
Zakk: “Carry On,” which we wrote because we noticed a lot of our fans were doing a lot of self harm to themselves. We wanted to make an anthem for our fans to be able to listen to so in their hard times, when they’re going through tough times or when something is happening at home, or anything, they have a song they can listen to that’ll help them get through it.

Our new song called “Make a Sound” is a song about standing up for yourself, not keeping anything hidden, if you’re getting bullied but to actually speak up.

IMG_6951What can one expect from your live show and what did people miss who did not catch your set today at Warped?
Kevin: An awesome rock show with a lot of high energy. My friends here, Matt, Chris and Zakk. These guys don’t stay still when they’re on the stage. They jump around and tear up the stage, that’s what you guys missed. You guys missed a lot of awesome energy.

If you could open for any band either now or in the past, who would it be and why?
Matthew: My dream band to open up for would be Queens of the Stone Age.  They’re a band that inspired me and made me want to be in music.

Kevin: My favorite, which has been a true inspiration to me would be KISS. They really went the distance, they built this giant empire. Back in the day when it was the four original members, they really had a strong presence on stage. I think opening up for original KISS would have been beyond a dream come true. That would have been it. Then I could have died happy.

Zakk: I would say Failure. Just because we recently saw them at The Fonda Theater in LA. Not at all what I expected. For being just a three piece, they were the most powerful sounding band I’ve ever heard. I did not know that a guitar could have so much sub frequency to it. Everything was shaking. It’s cool, it was awesome.

Chris: My dream band to open for would be Foo Fighters. They have made such amazing and inspiring music that has inspired all of us to write music. It’d just be awesome to watch right after you play.

Why should someone run out right now and check out your music?
Matthew: Someone should get our music because we try and put messages in our songs and we just want everyone to hear those messages.

How can people get a hold of you?
Zakk: At or go to our official website – it has all our links, songs, webisodes, contact, twitter, facebook, etc…

Galvanized Souls are:
Zakk – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Chris – Lead Guitar
Matt – Bass
Kevin – Drums

(Interview by Ken Morton – Live Photos by Edward Brandon)

Galvanized Souls on Facebook


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