Abandon All Ships

GEEVING by ABANDON ALL SHIPS! (Velocity/Rise Records)

Rise Records continues to corner the market with one impressive release after another, this time with the assistance of an upstart label named Velocity and a dynamic new band from Toronto who call themselves Abandon All Ships! Geeving is the name of their debut recording, and it’s an exhilarating effort that fans of bands such as Breathe Carolina and I See Stars are sure to enjoy. And even with comfortable comparison that critics are bound to make, there is no denying that Abandon All Ships has a distinct personality of their own and the killer tunage to back it all up. Ten songs in all, guaranteed to shred through your speakers and bring aural excitement to blaring IPODS and live venues all across the countries.

On Geeving, Abandon All Ships does mix their metaphors and their musical influences, with samples of hardcore, dance and euro-beats sharing center stage. Just in the first song alone, Bro My God shows just how tremendous and unique the band really is when it comes to presenting a track filled with shifting dynamics. The title cut ships into the harbor of hardcore next – Geeving contains thunderous breakdowns mixed and angst-ridden lyrics that should absolutely stun the listener.

Mega wacko 2.1 possesses a techno trance keyboard that makes you want to dance it up – and then explodes into an all out fury of sound. When Dreams Becomes Nightmares is a definitive standout, showing the perfect contrast between the ferocious screamed interludes and the magnetic clear vocals.

Strange Love is a short house style track that will make you want to party it up without a care into the world. And then comes the ominous strains of Family Goretrait, the keys starting it off like a horror movie soundtrack which serves as a clever underscore throughout most of the song.

Guardian Angel is sure to win over even those who normally don’t like this style of music. Impassioned speaking of “how this love never dies,” this is a composition that is sure to attract some big time hearts with certain factions of the crowd. A swoon-fest of a tune to be sure. And to those who would rather launch themselves headfirst into a mosh pit, the very next track Structures provides the perfect soundtrack to hard rock slamming action.

Heaven is an otherworldly track that once again mixes genres to a devastatingly spectacular effort. For those who listen on to the grand finale, Take One Last Breath provides the perfect conclusion – an thrilling anthem that should have many in the audience singing along – one could almost imagine hearing this great song on the radio – that is, if the airwaves ever played anything this good. Hello KROQ?

With a first recording as thoroughly gripping as Geeving, it will be very exciting to hear what the future has in store for these massively talented musicians. The Abandon All Ships lineup consists of Angelo Aita on lead vocals, Martin Broda on clean vocals and bass, Sebastian Cassisi-Nunez on keyboards and programming, Kyler Stephen Browne on guitar, Andrew Paiano on guitar, and Daniel Paiano on drums. You’ll definitely want to take a voyage with these guys as your hosts and spin their tunes endlessly – here’s hoping they bring the party to Warped Tour and beyond in 2011.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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