Generation Nothing by Metal Church (Rat Pak Records)

generationnothingGeneration Nothing by Metal Church (Rat Pak Records)

Out of the West Coast Metal scene in the 80′s, the legendary Metal Church has been unleashing rock solid albums ever since their raging conception. Generation Nothing, the band’s 10th magnum opus, was recently issued through Rat Pak Records – a collection of brand new cuts showing Metal Church at the very height of their craft. Although Metal Church officially disbanded in 2009, nothing in the world can keep a classic band in the grave for long. Packing the metal with an all-out vengeance, Generation Nothing maintains the band’s status as one of the true genre greats.

Kicking off the disc with the fiery strains of Bulletproof, one instantly bears witness to a band ready to headbang with their all new artillery songs. A journey through Dead City then commences, slamming at the listener with fiendish glee. Title cut Generation Nothing is up next, a metal anthem for the ages that will remain in your head long after the disc spins to its towering conclusion.

Noises On The Wall is nearly 9 minutes in length, a track of epic proportion that is an insanely explosive treat to the ears. Jump The Gun will make you raise your fist triumphantly in the air while the dark strains of Suiciety penetrate right through your soul. Scream shows Metal Church at their most thrashing, a diabolical song that will surely give the listener a severe cash of whiplash.

MC_PIC_550_xOne of the glorious highlights of Generation Nothing is Hits Keep Comin’, a track so wildly infectious that is spells classic no matter what genre you decide to place it in. Close To The Bone assaults the senses with its relentless intensity. The Media Horse then gallops into the grand finale, its stunning riffs and impassioned vocals leaving an indelible impression.

The Metal Church 2013 lineup is absolutely first rate, featuring the participating of Kurdt Vanderhoof on guitar, Ronny Munroe on vocals, Jeff Plate on drums, Rick Van Zandt on guitar, and Steve Unger on bass. Generation Nothing will not only thoroughly impress the old school fans, but undoubtedly gain this influential band a whole new set of converts ready to join the congregation. A stunning comeback to be sure, here’s hoping we have Metal Church around for another 10 glorious albums!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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  1. Dave Bell 5 years ago

    Nice review,thanks for getting behind these guys. I have MP3 downloads with thousands of metal tracks and I seldom leave the Metal Church file!

  2. Michael Mason 5 years ago

    I agree with this review in full! METAL CHURCH IS the most INCREDIBLE YET UNDERRATED METAL band of all time. I DO hope they have another 10 glorious albums because i know they have it in them to be legendary and keep giving us all what we love to hear!

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