Gerard Way at The Fonda Theater

gerardwaytf1Gerard Way, The Fonda Theater, October 14, 2014

Having missed my chance to see My Chemical Romance before they split, I took the opportunity to see Gerard Way at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood on October 14th. Way is currently on tour debuting his new solo album, his new material has an incredibly different feel from his previous work with MCR, and Way himself cites his return to his Britpop, and Glam Rock with influences such as The Smiths & David Bowie.

Both stops in Hollywood sold out for Gerard and his band, the Fonda was packed downstairs and up with many My Chemical Romance fans converting into Gerard fans. He and the band came out on stage with “The Bureau”, the first track off the album. He then played his first single “Action Cat” which got everyone singing along. In the middle of his set before he begins to play “Drugstore Perfume”, he introduces the song by letting everyone know it’s about his wife, Lindsey (Lyn-Z) and explains how much he loves her.

gerardwaytf2There was a cluster of girls there, many more than guys. That did not go unnoticed by Gerard, before he played “Television All the Time” he gave a mellow, lifting speech on feminism. He was kindly talking about how hard women have it sometimes, and he said something similar like women get treated the way they do because men are scared of women’s abilities and don’t want to lose their job. He is obviously a supporter of the whole feminist movement that’s become recently more active. After the speech, he then continued on to playing “Television All the Time” which was only released in Japan so it was a treat for everyone.

Gerard’s brother, Mikey Way happened to be at the show; before he begins to play “Brother”, he gives his brother a shout out and says, “This song is for my brother, I love you”. There were many guests at the show that he loves, but he also loves his fans and it was nice to hear how appreciative Gerard is, it made him out to be a modest musician. After he played “Brother,” he asks the crowd who wants to go up on stage and play his tambourine for the next song. Everyone goes nuts, jumping up and down and shouting, wanting that opportunity so bad. He chose a young girl who he said looked like a familiar face from previous shows he’s played, and starts playing “Get the Gang Together”.

At the close of the show, Gerard and the band exit the stage, the curtains close and the house music goes on. Everyone in the venue starts to chant, “One more song,” for a couple minutes, then starts to chant, “Gerard Way”. The chanting went on for a good seven minutes until everyone realizes he’s not coming back out to play an encore which was odd. Then everyone started to leave with smiles on their faces, telling their friends how good the show was and how much they enjoyed it.

In conclusion, Gerard Way’s new solo project is a huge success and he’s quite the performer, and one of the best singers of this millennial era whose energy is contagious. He had an amazing crowd, some great sound, successful new music, and a great show. On tour for the release of “Hesitant Alien”, Gerard Way and his band will be playing the album front to back with a few covers.

The Bureau
Action Cat
Zero Zero
Drugstore Perfume
Television All the Time (written on the setlist as “Stop Leaving”)
The Water Is Wide (O Waly, Waly) – (James Cecil cover)
Get the Gang Together
How It’s Going to Be
Maya the Psychic
No Shows
Snakedriver (The Jesus and Mary Chain cover)

(Review and Photos by Talia Farber)

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