GHOSTS by INSTANZIA (Metalodic Records)

Fans of bands such as Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, and Vision Divine will rejoice when discovering the joyous metal refrains of the mighty Instanzia. Based out of the Montreal, Quebec area, this power symphonic metal collective has unleashed a breathtaking debut album entitled Ghosts. A single listen to the eight-track masterwork will make the listening want to take on the world. The songs found within are inspiring and timeless, and should gain Instanzia a good deal of worldwide acclaim.

Ghosts opens with the haunting overture of Omen, preparing the listening for the greater metal glories to come. And the anthems arrive with an immediate intensity. Ghosts Of The Pasts is an absolutely classic, valiant in scope with the grandiose lyrical chorus of “Sometimes the heroes of our tales, become part of our lives” – a passage that will resonant with a live audience who will surely sing along with fists triumphantly raised in air.

Next up the stunning Power Of The Mind, with brilliant guitar passages, a whirlwind of a rhythm section, and an impassioned vocal performance sending the material in the stratosphere. Charming Deceiver is another grand tale that is towering in its sonic delivery.

Heavenly Hell is eloquent and brilliantly conveyed about dreams of a new world gone wrong, while A Genius Who Believes is a sheer triumph in metallic artistry. The Key is dramatic with a sense of urgency with it’s “We want to help you rise above the stars, and find the key, will you open your eyes before it’s too late, and find the key” chorus conveying an exciting sentiment that many will relate with.

The magnum opus of the album is the 11-plus minute The Desert Fox, telling the compelling story of Erwin Rommel.  Rommel was a celebrated German Field Marshall for Hitler during World War 2, who was beginning to realize that he was fighting on the wrong side of history. Rommel’s story is pretty astounding, ignoring Hitler’s orders to kill Jews and civilians, plotting an assassination of Hitler, and ultimately paying for his insubordination with his life. The story is told with a sense of magnificence and intrigue.

One of the most promising new bands on the world metal arena today, Instanzia has delivered the first of what is sure to be a distinguished career of heavy metal classics. Ghosts is a haunting yet vibrant work that will remain in your head long after the disc spins to its thrilling conclusion. Highly recommended.

The Instanzia lineup consists of Alexis Woodbury on vocals and guitars, Jean-Christophe Binette on guitars, Francis Ducharme on drums, and Francis Gagne on bass.  The cover was painted by JP Fournier, best known for his artistic work for Edguy and Dragonforce.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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