Gloom – EP by The Ivory (Self-released)

theivory1Gloom – EP by The Ivory (Self-released)

Shane Crump, the mastermind behind The Ivory, is best known for his participation in the bands Alesana and Your Name In Vain. Alesana has especially made a name for themselves with their brilliant amalgamation of post hardcore and goth, touring around the world with an ardently dedicated fan base.

The Ivory is bound to surprise as well as enrapture Alesana admirers. Featuring soaring keyboards and Crump’s wondrously expressive clean vocals, the Gloom – EP takes the listener on an emotional journey through the soul of a passionate artist. Filled with loss and heartache yet ultimately cathartic, the five songs contained within will surely haunt all whom encounter their melancholic reveries.

Documenting a distressing breakup, the Gloom – EP begins with the spiraling refrains of Be Young, Be Free with its sweeping choruses and cautiously optimistic lyrics weaving a dreamlike spell with it’s “I thought you were love at first site” sentiments betraying the sorrows ahead. I’m A Mess is up next, with its reflectively poignant lyrics and gorgeously dazzling soundscapes packing an emotional punch.

My Bitter Sweet goes further into the matters of the heart, with Crump articulating the stark feelings of longing and regret, rendering this song a tremendous standout. I Miss You definitely tugs at the heartstrings, made wildly effective by Crump’s sweetly expressive vocals and the sheer vibrancy of the song.

shanecrumpI feel empty, I feel lost and weak, I feel guilty, it was you I couldn’t keep,” Crump muses on the final track Torn, where the reality of moving on with unresolved feelings envelopes the senses. And while these songs are deeply personal, those dealing with heartbreak in this modern age will find a lot to cherish about these sad and beautiful tunes.

The Gloom – EP is a stunning commencement for an intriguing artist – it will be exciting to find out what tapestries will be unveiled by Shane Crump in future days. In the meantime, check into what the Gloom – EP by The Ivory has to offer and let this be your soundtrack for coming to grips with devastating heartbreak.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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