GOD SEED To Release “Live at Wacken” DVD and CD on October 25th in North America

We all thought we’d heard the last from GOD SEED; luckily we were wrong, and October 25th will see the North American release of their infamous live show from Wacken 2008 where they headlined the main stage in front of 75,000 Screaming fans. It will be released in Europe on October 21st. Pre-order the release in N. America now, HERE and in Europe HERE.

The Wacken performance was a reconstruction of the controversial Black Mass show from Krakow in 2004 filmed in a TV studio in Kraków, Poland. The concert featured sheep heads on stakes, “crucified” nude models, satanic symbols, and eighty liters of sheep’s blood. The band came under fire for violating Polish anti-blasphemy laws as well as Polish animal rights laws, resulting in a police investigation with allegations of religious offence and cruelty to animals. The band went free of all charges and at Wacken 2008 they recreated this now legendary show in all its glory.

This spectacular show is made available as a Live CD, including the film of the entire show on DVD. The album is only available in a deluxe digipack edition and holds liner notes from the band about the process of recreating this special show.

GOD SEED came to life as a result of a dispute over the band name Gorgoroth and the name was chosen as the banner under which Gaahl and King wanted to continue their art. Gaahl and King went on to take the band to new heights in 2007 & 2008 when they played to sold out clubs and headlined some of the biggest festivals in Europe.

King: “GOD SEED represents a more spiritual side to us than what GORGOROTH did. GOD SEED represents the will to grow; the will to be the super man, so to speak. I think it’s a suitable name for what we will represent in the future. I am also aware of the fact that we use the word God in the name. It will challenge the weak minded in the respect that we in the past used the word Satan a lot, but it’s all about the same thing. The God within man, and the God within nature. I never believed in a Christian force named Satan. I believe in the God within man.”


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