Go Radio

Do Overs And Second Chances by Go Radio (Fearless Records)

Do Overs And Second Chances features seven songs of redemption and heartbreaks. Blessed with the most unique voices. Singer/guitarist Jason Lancaster and his Go Radio comrades (formerly of Mayday Parade) has captivated fans with their refreshing pop-rock with passion. This EP has some of the most emotional heartfelt lyrics. Go Radio is really putting it all out on the line. Though only being together for the past two years, this is their second EP to date and a full length is well on the way. This introduction EP gives hope to catchy pop that stays with you long after the song concludes. Cream would be proud of this and Material Issue too. Check out such songs as In Our Final Hour, Thanks For Nothing, When Dreaming Gets Drastic and Goodnight Moon. Get your full length out quick already…

The members of Go Radio are Jason Lancaster on lead vcoals, guitar and keyboards, Alex Reed on guitar and vocals, Matt Burns on bass and backing vocals, and Steven Kopacz on drums.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)

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