The Death Of Greeley Estates Tour

The Death Of Greeley Estates Tour with Greeley Estates, The Plot In You, Life On Repeat, Everyone Dies In Utah, Miracle At St. Anna, Mureau, The Open Atlantic, Cobalt Café, July 16, 2011

I had planned to go to Pershing Square in Downtown LA to see a free show of the iconic 80’s alternative band A Flock Of Seagulls, but the prospect of seeing so many terrific bands on a single night at the San Fernando Valley proved too good to pass up.  So “I Ran so far away” to Canoga Park and checked in to what would be a long but glorious night within the walls of the Cobalt Cafe.

There were 10 bands in all, but we managed to catch up with 7 with them once we completed our interview outside with Greeley Estates. Expect that to be up soon here at the Daze Online.

And now, Twohearts Promotions presents The Death Of Greeley Estate Tour, live at the Cobalt Café!


One of the most promising local unsigned bands in the area is definitely The Open Atlantic from Reseda, CA. Opening in direct support to the six singed bands that would follow, The Open Atlantic presented a remarkably solid set of tunes and had a terrific crowd response. On the verge of releasing their debut six song EP, fans of acts such as Underoath and Confide are sure to discover a new favorite when witnessing what The Open Atlantic has to offer. Mike Alemanni handles the screamed vocals with a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm and make for an effective front man. Handling the clean vocals and drum duties is Jordan LeGore, with a vast amount of precision and conviction. Almog Pines and Guy Sherf present a dynamic wall of sound while bassist Corey Fennell along with LeGore make for a super effective rhythm section.  Definitely a band to be on the look out for in future days.


Making an appearance right before the touring package was Mureau from Thousand Oaks, CA. Of course, the recent big news has been their signing to Mediaskare Records.  One could see why the label wanted to work with them. The set was tremendously tight, with Mureau unleashing a ferocious brand of metallic hardcore for the early arrivals. The set kicked off with a great tune entitled California, and one could instantly witness the knack Mureau possesses for writing a song that is as catchy and memorable as it is heavy. Placing the pedal to the metal, other killer cuts performed included Brick By Brick and Stone Eater. Kicking off a pretty intensive mosh pit, the party really slammed into action and Mureau were the perfect host! The tremendously tight Mureau lineup consists of Taylor Voeltz on vocals, Jonny Harter on guitar, Lanny Perelman on guitar, John Party on bass, and Ian Corabi on drums.  Stay tuned and be sure to catch them when they play 118 West with label mates Volumes on August 21st. Their debut album Rumors and Reputations is due out late this summer.  Highly recommended!


The touring package kicked off with explosive blast of energy when Miracle At St. Anna took over the stage. Based out of New Orleans, LA, the band may have been a long way from home, but judging by the crowd reaction, MASA gained a good amount of new fans within the Los Angeles area. Performing tracks from their recently released Shadow Country full-length on Tragic Hero Records, the band delivered the Southern hospitality with a fierce sense of conviction. Songs such as On The Reg, The Hypnotizer, and the cleverly titled These Boots Were Made For Pimpin’ sounded tremendous when performed live, complete with a subtle keyboard underscore that gave the tunes a haunting, otherworld quality. Front man Cody was a dynamic presence, exuding a ton of charisma and passion with his ferocious vocals. The musical lineup was especially impressive, comprising of Mitch and Jesse on dueling guitars, Ryan on bass, and Spanky on drums. Expect these guys to follow former label mates Alesana and A Skylit Drive on the road to massive success. On the tail end of the touring package for now, but don’t expect MASA to be opening the shows for too much longer.


Everyone Dies In Utah from Texas took to the stage next, making their Cobalt Café debut at long last!  They may have been MIA the first time they were in town for the Keep It King tour, but EDIU definitely ruled when they took to the Cobalt stage for Greeley night. Another promising new band within the ranks of Tragic Hero, Everyone Dies In Utah livened up the room playing songs from their recently released Seeing Clearly effort. Danny Martinez is an explosive front man, delivering the impassioned screams with a thrilling sense of fervor. Bassist Justin Yost is the perfect counterpart, his clean vocals soaring to even greater heights. Trey Golden provided an imaginative underscore on synth and keys, while Dustin Dow and Taylor Bagley presented some impressive guitar work. Drummer Justin Morgan slammed it all home with a vengeance. Be sure to check EDIU out the next time they show up in your neck of the woods. Another band treading on the cusp of success.


Although Life On Repeat from Maryland were recently at the Cobalt earlier this year, the band has since released their full-length debut on Equal Vision entitled Struggle + Sleep and are well worth repeated encounters. One of their tee shirts boldly says “Pop rock with balls!” and that more than aptly describes the Life In Repeat experiecne. Delivering a set of melodic pop with thunderous breakdowns thrown in, Life On Repeat definitely has something for everyone. Pat Purves is a stand out vocal talent with a performance on par with genre favorites such as The Ataris and Anberlin. The musicianship was also first rate, featuring Zach King on guitar, Andrew Baylis on guitar, Devon Voisine on bass, and David Walker on drums.  Although they weren’t as heavy or extreme as the rest of the lineup sonically, the passion exuded in their songs surely equaled the intensity of the others on the touring package.


Speaking of sheer dead-on intensity, The Plot Is You seized the Cobalt stage and delivered nothing short of a mesmerizing performance. The venue was packed and you could tell the crowd was anticipating something truly fantastic. The Plot In You did not disappoint in the least, nearly blowing the roof off with songs from their thrilling Rise Records debut entitled First Born. Vocals Landon Tewers supplied some endearingly quirky banter in between songs, and came off as a man possessed when spewing out the compelling lyrical content. Tunage such as Miscarriage, Rat Poison and Neighbors were given ultra vivid life and unleashed with an all-out vengeance. The audience was off the hook, singing along to each and every song with nearly as much passion as the fiery Tewers. Formerly in Before Their Eyes, Landon Tewers has assembled a stellar lineup for The Plot In You, featuring Anthony Thoma on guitar and vocals, Josh Childress on guitar, Ethan Yoder on bass, and Cole Worden on drums. With live presentations this dynamic along with their Rise Records affiliation, expect The Plot In You to be headlining the bigger stages in no time at all.


It was becoming fairly late, but the Cobalt audience was more than ready when the much-revered Greeley Estates made their way to the stage. One of the hardest working bands out there for nearly a decade now, it was an absolute thrill to see Greeley Estates tear up the venue with their super intensive live show.  In town promoting their upcoming The Death Of Greeley Estates magnum opus on Tragic Hero, The Last Dance and many of the other new songs showed the band at the very height of their creativity.  One surprise in the set was Swim For Your Lives from the No Rain, No Rainbow release – a track that the band had never performed before which an audience member specifically requested.  The lineup has been stable for over three years now and is definitely a force to be reckoned with – featuring Ryan Zimmerman on lead vocals, Brandon Hackenson on guitars, David Ludlow on guitar, Kyle Koelsch on bass, and Chris Julian on drums. One of the most underrated bands out there today, Greeley Estates continue to present live shows and studio albums of staggering proportions. Not to be missed! Visit Greeley Estates in the smaller venues while you still can. And thus ended another memorable night at the Cobalt Café brought to you by Twoheart Promotions!

(Review and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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