Green Tigers Are For Girls by Jaykornonthekob (Self-released)

When you have 77,000 plus friends on Myspace, you’re bound to receive a good deal of fame and notoriety – even if you do nothing but stay on the computer and post pretty pictures of yourself all day. 17-year-old Jaykob  from Charlotte, NC has a lot more going on than just being an Internet personality, judging by the genre bending collection of tunes from his first EP entitled Green Tigers Are For Girls.

The project is officially called Jaykornonthekob, and it’s definitely a refreshing blast of energy and enthusiasm that will be a guilty pleasure for many a music fan. Self-described accurately as “electro-crunk,” there is something for just about everybody on this EP. Jaykob possesses quite a knack for creating a memorable tune that will jangle on in your head for ages.

Beautiful Day is a stunning opening track, with Jaykob being joined by hardcore rapper 4Dbling and electronica artist Inurearms. Just this one super-infectious song would ensure success and repeated play on any IPOD, but there are four more impressive cuts to be heard on the EP.

Dreams is a fast paced techno song with both clean and growled vocals, guaranteed to dropkick your ass onto the dance floor. Next up is a striking cover of the Kevin Rudolph/Lil Wayne song Let It Rock, featuring some growled passages that I’m sure weren’t on the original. Jaykob delivers this one with charismatic intensity.

Sceenie Weenies shows how perceptive and clever of a lyricist Jaykob can be – another dance track that will have you shaking your booty as you analyze the impact of whatever your current trivial scene is.

Closing cut Jeepers Creepers samples the classic song with a dark electronic soundscape. Jaykob is joined by another talented artist named Cookiebreed and the results are pure pop/screamo perfection – chaotic yet oddly mesmerizing.

Green Tigers Are For Girls by Jaykornonthekob is the start of what is sure to be an explosive (if not highly interesting) musical career. A cut well above what’s normally heard by one-person solo projects on the massive webpages of Myspace these days, expect these Green Tiger tunes to explode all over face of the Internet and beyond. A job well done from a talented individual that we’ll surely hear a lot more of in the future.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Jaykornonthekob on Myspace

  1. Caterina Isabelle 9 years ago

    Omg! I love Jaykornonthekob! Beautiful Day is my favorite! <3 I love him so much he's so hot! Omg! I hope he reads this hehe <3

  2. Adam 9 years ago

    Omg sick! nice one jaykob 😀 siick tunes man

  3. John Hornung 9 years ago

    your awsome. keep it up

  4. brittany tyler 9 years ago

    Jaykob’s getting there. (: Even in this past year he’s gotten a big start. <3

  5. brittany tyler 9 years ago

    Keep doing the 704 some justice. (:

  6. Emma 9 years ago

    I’m so proud of you Jayky! Keep up the good work<33

  7. Becky 9 years ago

    Jaykornonthekob is mah jammm! :]
    But for real, he is amazing, and has got some serious talent!

  8. melanie 9 years ago

    jaykob looks like you have some fans here:D haha you really are talented baby keep up the good work, i wanna hear my song on the radio some day:D <3

  9. Inurearms 9 years ago

    Hey this is pretty neat, cool review. ^_^ Glad I was a part of something amazing.

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