EASY WONDERFUL by GUSTER (Universal Records)

It’s the fullest full-band album yet from this group. Here is a charming collection of hook filled pop songs. Interesting enough it’s a fairly straightforward album. Find here a great mix of infectious melodies and diverse styles. The songs for this record contain a full drum set (Brian does play hand drums with his tech playing too), harmonies are fewer on this CD than usual but not absent. With usage of a banjo and ukulele maybe the band is exploring newer sounds to their basic acoustic guitar pop sound mixed with rich harmonies. Making positive albums is hard to do and Guster pulls it off right every time. Hope it’s not another four years of waiting for the next CD. Quality than quantity seems best for this group to maintain growth. Check out the cool artwork on the packaging and on the CD.  Some of the best songs to listen to are: This Could All Be Yours, What You Call Love, Do What You Want, Hercules, Bad Bad World, On The Ocean and Architects & Engineers.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)


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