GWAR at House Of Blues – Sunset Strip

whitechapelhob1GWAR, Whitechapel, House Of Blues – Sunset Strip, October 19, 2013


Whitechapel has been a part of the deathcore scene for quite some time now and they are still going as strong as ever. Opening up with their hit song Make it Bleed, the band was just as brutal as the last time I saw them a few years ago. While playing the intense breakdowns of Possessions, there were more crowd surfers in this show than I’d seen in a long time. My favorite thing about Whitechapel is that they’re so well liked in every scene and fan base. Closing with their biggest song This is Exile, they ended the show on a very high note and it got everyone super excited for the headlining GWAR.


I’d always heard that GWAR was something else besides just a concert. I’ve heard a few of their songs and they were a mix of old school punk and thrash metal, but I never gave a thought of actually seeing them live. People I talked to had described it as “being in the middle of a horror movie while really intense music is playing”. Well, they were pretty much spot on.

Before the show I was told that I needed to cover up my camera with something to protect it because of how much blood is shot out at the crowd. Yes, I covered my camera with a baggie. I still had no idea what I was in for. I got a little freaked out when I saw multiple photographers coming in with full body ponchos. I actually laughed at myself and thought, “I’m screwed.” The show started about 10 minutes before the band came on. There was a video played on a big screen featuring many celebrities (who were later killed in a very brutal way). After the short cartoon featuring all of the members, Black Sabbath’s famous song War Pigs was played all the way through. What a song to get everyone pumped up for a rockin show.

gwarhob2The band finally came on and I swear I felt like I was in hell. Blood was going everywhere to the point where I had to duck because I was afraid it was going through my “protective zip block bag”. My shirt, which was white, was completely drenched with blood and some blue substance that I’m not so sure was normal. The literal monster of a band opened up with the insane song of Madness at the Core of Time. Vocalist, Oderus Urungus was belting out the intense lyrics about insane things like death and chaos, which while being sprayed with blood, the crowd sang every single word. After the first three songs I had to feel the full effect of a GWAR show so, I went straight to the middle of the pit during the song Metal Metal Land, and I swear, for a good 10 minutes they just jammed and sprayed gallons upon gallons of bloods all over us.

Once the song ended, the first sacrificing took place. Little did I know they were going to bring out “pop sensation” Justin Bieber. After pulling his pants down and revealing a very comedic little something, they literally took his chest off and the GWAR slaves started eating his intestines while blood sprayed all over the crowd. There were many more killings such as Weird Al, this big alien looking guy and many fans that were put through a meat grinder, all of this taking place while blood is still pumping out of these statues all over the stage. They also had GWAR slaves running around with squirt guns full of blood. How they got this much blood and the permission to do this amazes me but it was well worth it.

gwarhob4Not only is GWAR a group full of amazing musicians, but also the theatrics that are involved throughout the show are absolutely amazing. The band GWAR dates back to the mid 1980’s and after watching videos of them then, and seeing them now, nothing has changed. They are still the brutal, blood craving band that everyone loves and after all of these years are still going strong and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

At the end of the show I was so drenched I had to change out of the clothes I was wearing just to get in my car. Also, after about 4 days the blood is still coming out of my ears! It was well worth it. If you like a heavy mix of concert theatrics, blood, and heavy metal music then you should definitely check out a GWAR show. You will not be disappointed.

(Review and Photos by Edward Brandon)

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